Two Girls, Five Guys, One Adventure

Join two regular directioners Karly and Hannah on there adventure of struggle, love and heartbreak with the five boys you know and love. Please do not copy our ideas they are all original :) xxx


3. What are te chances???

Back at home (still Karly's POV)

"I can't believe that my two bestfriends are leaving me for a year, let alone with 5 guys who are One Direction" Our friend Shelby whined at Hannah and me. You see, she wasn't allowed to come to the concert with us so she is totally bummed. 

"We'll send you a postcard," I said.

"Haha, so funny , I mean there were like  5000 people at the concert , your chance were like nothing, ugghh, my life is so difficult!"Shelby whined to herself.

"Yes so hard," Hannah said with an eye roll. Beep. Beep. Beep. I run to my phone, seeing 'Harry Styles' flash across the screen.  I pick it up and it says;
'Can't wait to see you tomorrow, miss you lots :)' 
I return ' You've only met me once'
'Yeah, and once is not enough' was his reply

"Ohhhh, Karly is blushing, who is she texting," Shelby said trying to peer over my shoulder. 

"Stop it , I am not blushing, I was texting my brother," I tried to lie.

"You suck at liying Karls," Shelbs said rolling her eyes. "But literaly who is it."

" Okay I give up," I say putting my hands up in surrender, "it was ..... Harry."

Hannahs POV

"as in thee Harry Styles?!" I say in complete awstruck. 

"No, Harry Frank" Karly said in a sarcastic tone.

"wow!!" Shelby squeals "you guys are so lucky!"  We are having breakfast , we I mean Karly, Shelby and well of course me, when we here a loud banging sensation on the backdoor, scared I pick up my plastic spoon I was eating my lucky charms with, and creep up to the front door. I am always paranoid, opening the door without a guy in the house, werid I know. I slowly creak open the front door and see 5 handsome boys staring at me in disbelief

" Were you going to attack us with a plastic spoon," Niall says trying to hold his laughter.

"Noooo, I wasn't," I sayed rocking on my feet back and fourth.

" Sure you weren't, we will have to teach you some ninja skills over the year" Niall says doing a ninja pose

"it would've scared me off" Liam slightly backs away

" Well, are we done instluting me?" I say.

I hear a meldoy of yes's ring through my ears. I open the door all the way, gesturing them inside

"Nice home," Louis says behind me

"Thanks" As we walk into the kitchen Shelby freezes, seeing the sight before her "Shelby, meet Niall,

" I am not stupid Hannah, I know who One Direction is," she says with a slight grin.

"Guys meet Shelby, our friend," I say.

" Nice to meet you," Niall says.

" Vas Happining," Zayn says.

"Harry," He says

"Liam," he says.

" Louis Tomnlison, I like white fluffy sheep!" All of us crack up.

"Hannah, I have a major problem," Karly yelled from the top of the stairs. I run to the stairs to see Karly almost at the bridge of tears.

"Karly, what happened," I say, getting slightly worried. She slowly hands me her phone and I read;
' To: Cheater
Saw you on the news babe, thx for cheating on me with the biggest boy band. I trusted you, guess I cant we are over Love your ex'

"Why,"I say confused.

"He saw some footage of us on the stage and The boys apparently  looked like I was dating one of them," She sobbed into my shoulder "For 2 years we dated, aaahhhhh." 

"Karly, calm down if he can't see that you wouln't cheat on him then his loss, but don't punch yourself around, okay" I say quietly to her. I pull her up, wipe her tears away, and bring her downstairs. The sight we see is so cute. Shelby is on a stool all 5 guys on the love seat. Shelby is way past looking like a tomato, she is so blushing. 

"Ready to go guys," Karly says beside me.

" Yeah we better get going," Liam said standing up, looking at his watch.

"Bye Shelby, I will miss you," Karly and I say at the exact same time and hugging her.

" I will miss you guys too, Facetime me when ever you can" Shelby said hugging us back.  One last call to our parents to again explain what was happening yet again and we were set to go.

"ready lads?!" Louis shouted

"YES" we all replied in unison.

"onward!" yelled to a slightly annoyed looking bus  driver. I look back at our houses and think 'this Hannah, was the last day of normal for a long, long time.

Liam's POV

I couldn't believe it! We were actually going on tour with these girls. I didn't really know why it seemed so important to me. Maybe it was the fact that it we had never done a contest like this or maybe it was something about the girls....? They were cute and not your typical crazed fan, well I mean they didn't grab our shirts and scream at the top of their lungs when they saw us. Their was something about this whole trip that I knew was gonna be amazing.
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