Two Girls, Five Guys, One Adventure

Join two regular directioners Karly and Hannah on there adventure of struggle, love and heartbreak with the five boys you know and love. Please do not copy our ideas they are all original :) xxx


2. Unbelievable

Harry's POV 

The girls came on, Karly with her mouth covered in awe and Hannah with a huge and cute smile. We led them to their stools just as Liam started off the song. When they were seated I went over to karly, wanting to make her feel special.

"you look nice, love" I said softly. I saw her eyes look up at me and her hands drop from her face. She stared at me in complete amazement like that was the first time anyone told she was pretty. 

"tttthanks" was all she could stutter out. We sang the song and for our big ending Niall stood in front of Hannah, myself standing in front of karly, Liam and Louis in front of the two taking there hands as if to kiss them and Zayn putting his arm around their shoulders from the back. They both started crying a little and giggling. As the last note hung over the stadium, the fans cheered and I saw Lious kiss Hannah's hand before leading them off stage. 

"you flirt" I told Lious when he came back on with us to do a final oncore.

"that's how you get the ladies, lad" he said smiling "you should take note, might help your future" oh he got me good.

"ZINGER!" Niall laughed beside me.
I said nothing as We made our way off stage. I kept thinking about Karlys reaction to my comment. She really was pretty but we just met and I would never confess that to her, well not any time soon. 

Hannah's POV

"oh. My. Goodness!!!! " I screamed when we got off stage. "That was absolutely amazing" that was the bets thing that ever happened to me! I got sang to with my best friend by one direction and Louis KISSED MY HAND! I could have fainted right there and then on the stage but I kept my cool, well except for I was blushing so much I probably looked like a circus clown. While we were on stage Harry said something to karly that made her do the face that she does when she doesn't believe something. Maybe it was something to do? Or maybe her zipper was down? Oh poor Karly

"hey Karl's what did Harry say to you?" I asked out of the blue

"well you'll never believe this..." she started "but he leaned down and said 'you look nice, love' in that accent of his and coming from those luscious lips i-"

"who has luscious lips now?" asked a Zayn from behind her. All I could do is try not to laugh as she turned around as red as a tomato.

"go on Karly tell them who has lips like that" I chirped 

"I hate you" she hissed to me "oh  no one, um, some guy in the crowd I saw, it was no one really" she told the boys. She was a terrible lier and apparently that boys could see that too but they played along. 

"ooooooh someone's got a crush" Niall said teasing her

"yah we've known you guys for what and hour and we already know who your crush is" Liam said elbowing her playfully. 

"technically you don't cause both you and I don't even know his name, so hah" Karly said even though she realized it was a really lame argument 

"karly that wasn't a good one plus you kinda made yourself look bad, I mean crushing on a a stranger, jeeze" I told as I looked to the boys, they nodded in agreement. Karly then gave me the 'I was lying to save my butt so now you can stop talking' look that I tend to get a lot.

Nialls POV

We were sure pounding Karly with comebacks it was great, we all new she was lying but we played along. The whole time though my attention kept going to Hannah, she was cute and small but really nice and had great insults for everything that got thrown at her. But we just met, it couldn't be that I fancied her.
Could it?

Karly's  POV

He actually said it! He told me I looked good! Oh my gosh !! Then I almost admitted to liking Harrys lips right in front of him! Jeeze I gotta be more careful. I can't believe that we actually get to go on tour with them I am so excit-

"ok ladies so the bus will be by to pick you up on Thursday make sure you have lots of clothes, heck you might as well pack your whole closet haha" Louis said laughing

"ok" Hannah replyed calmly. I could here the excitement in her voice I bet she was just itching to hug them or kiss them. Sometimes Hannah is crazy like that. 

"wait that's only in 2 days" I blurted out.

"oh look! someone's home in the hut!" Niall exclaimed sarcastically and tapped my head "haha yes love it is, is that all right?" 

"oh totally" I said quickly. Jeeze I wasn't even mad about his first comment. Wow that Irish accent can make a girl forgive anything wrong that he says. 

"well we better go, see you ladies later" Liam said winking at both of us. We waved until we knew we were alone, wait for it, wait for it, ok they were gone

"aaaaaaaaaaaaah" Hannah screamed. Of course she was thinking what I was thinking

"aaaaaaaaaaaaah" I joined in. We did a little happy dance around backstage until we couldn't breath. 

"we better go we have a lot of packing to do and a long drive home before and of that happens" I told Hannah as we caught our breath.

"ok well this was by far the best day ever!" she said smiling like a fool. Thinking for a moment I replied

 "well I wouldn't say that yet, we have many more days to come"
Yup I thought, this would truly be an adventure.
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