Two Girls, Five Guys, One Adventure

Join two regular directioners Karly and Hannah on there adventure of struggle, love and heartbreak with the five boys you know and love. Please do not copy our ideas they are all original :) xxx


1. Where it all begins

Hannah and Karly here!! Let us know what you think and yea!! Enjoy :)

Hannah POV (point of view)

Hello, I am Hannah, I am 17 and crazliy in love with One Direction! I am in a car with my BFF Karly, well you could call her my friend but I would probably call her my crazy, talktive and funny best friend but she's more like my sister. We are currently driving 14 hours to Vancover to see One Direction, yes you read that right One Direction!

"I am hungry," Karly whined from the passenger seat.

"You are always hungry," I retorted.

"No, I am a growing girl," 

" Karl you are 17 I think your done growing."

"Way to brust my bubble," she gave me the puppy dog eyes.

"Okay, sorry, I think you will grow to become a seven foot dork," I said giving a slight chuckle.

"Thank- you very much," giving me a pleased look.

2 hours later

"are you happy now?" I asked Karly annoyed as we walked out of Subway. 

"very much so, thanks" she skipped to the car. It was a while later I was starting to get board

"my dream, if we ever met One Direction, is to make a hilarious YouTube video!" Karly exclaimed

"that would be amazing!" I jumped now energized "though our chance are like, nothing" Karly nods her head. She had hopeful eyes

"you never know!" she says optimistically.

5 hours later (at the concert)

" And thats what makes you beatiful!" Harry's angel like voice rang through the Stadium

" Omg, Omg Hannah he is so hotter in person," Karly yelled at me. Yep, you guessed right she is madly in love with Harry Styles but even more, Liam Payne. 

"Yeah okay Karls what ev's," I say rolling my eyes, at her silly crushes. 

"Okay guys," Louis said in his sweet british accent, "I bet you'll know 'bout our contest," At that moment Karly and me both look at each other puzzled about what he just said. "We are going to draw two names and those lovely ladies  will join us on stage and on tour for the rest of the year!" I take Karly's hands and pray. 

" Hannah Dyck seat 512 and Karly Ober 513!" Liam said. 

" Oh my goodness hannie do u know what that means," Karly said, "Hannah, Hannah anyone home!" Waving her hand in my face.

"What did you say," I say at we head out towards backstage."I was shocked we actually, get to meet them, only our favorite all time band, oh my gosh Karly," As I quickly take a brush out of my bag, becoming a bit self- conscious, "Do I look okay?"

"You look fine" She said with a laugh

"YOU will look better when you trade that thing on your shoulders for a head," I gasped through my laughter. 

"How funny" She said with that 'oh-No-You-Didn't look'.

As we walk a man approaches us, "You guys must be the two lucky winners, am I right or am I right," He all chuckles as we both nod our heads, "Well, we best be going, by the way I'm Mick."

"I'm Karly and this is Hannah my friend," Karly say's beside me.

"Well the boys are going love you, both very ..... Cute" Mick says, and Karly and my head snap towards 
each other of what Mick had just told us, slighty confused.

"Well boys here are your girls, Hannah," Mick says pointing towards me,"And Karly!"

"Well, I am Niall," He say's extented his  pale hand towards me. I tried to stay calm but I know I'm trembling with excitement .

"Vas Happenin!!  I am Zayn" We both gave a little giggle at that one.

"Well, I am Harry," He says eyeing up Karly. Being her Besty I can tell she is trying to hold in a squeal

" Pleasure to meet you, I'm Liam" we both blushed he was defiantly that hottest of the five. 

"Well guess that leaves me, Louis, the best out of the five guys, and I'm hoping you like carrotts." Louis says with that manly voice of his. He laughs as he puts his arm protectivly around my shoulder as he takes a bite of a carrot in his hand. Aaaaaah! I couldn't believe it ! Me and Louis are like best friends and the cutest couple there could be , well that is if we actually new each other well, hey a girl can dream can't she?

"Show time, girls go with Carol and she will take you till you go on" Mick instructed us. Karly and Me follow, Carol backstage. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach, begging to fly away. 

Karlys POV

Oh my god!!! I couldn't believe it! I was here in Vancouver with my best friend filling my life's dream- to meet One Direction ! As they all introduces themselves I was totally checking them out.  I defiantly liked Liam and Harry the best and they were also the cutest. As they spoke I kept looking over at Hannah and back at them with dreamy eyes. I knew that inside she, being  Hannah, was freaking out. Classic. I felt myself start twirling my hair and thought of my friends back home. They always said when I twirled my hair like that I was turning up my flirtation and they also gave me a really stupid nickname too- Ms.McGooey. It was terrible. Anyway I really didn't care if I flirted with 1D, I mean, who wouldn't? They were hot, funny and their accents were to die for. We followed Carol around backstage for a while, taking pictures of everything we saw.

"you were totally turning on your flirtation Ms.McGooey!" Hannah whispered  in a very high pitch girly voice. 

"can you really blame me? Plus you totally snuggled up with Louis back there!" I shot back at her. Her face turned red and that was that. You see, the best part of our friendship is that we are so alike each other and can trust each other with our insults so that no one gets hurt by them, usually

"ok girls" carol said distracting me from my thoughts "you go on in 2 minutes, follow this hallway back to the main area backstage and I will meet you there in a second" she pointed.

"Ok" I thought, here we go, I get to go onstage with my favorite band in the world! We headed back only taking one wrong turn. I swear Hannah has an issue.  Who takes a wrong turn on a straight hallway? 

"Hannah, whatever you do, do not cry" I told her sarcastically "it'll be embarrassing enough with our faces bright red"

"oh Karls you can shut up, you'll be crying like a blubbering baby if they sing One Thing" she said clearly satisfied with her comeback. But the thing was that  she was right, I would totally cry if they sung that song, it was my favorite and I have a hard enough not crying when it's just on my iPod let alone when the boys are actually singing it right to me.

"ok your on in 5,4,3.." carol said slowly "2,1" she pushes us onto the stage. The lights blinded me for only and instant, then the sound of music was all around us, a melody I would never forget, yes it was the sound of One Thing.
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