I Ache For You

Abbott's father is newly-famous but widely-spread. He's a director that's become famous because of his first movie. As he spreads, he begins signing music video contracts. One day, when Abbott wakes, she finds One Direction in her living room.
Bent on seeing her every moment he can, Harry becomes absorbed and quite frankly, obsessed with this girl he hasn't even known for a week. His love is questioned when Abbott is sent to the emergency room...and diagnosed with something no one expected.


2. Harry

I return to the living room, but I was staring at her door for a moment, wishing I could go kiss her before I go back to them. 
You had to see this girl to believe me. Her black hair was in a perfect french braid with a rose tying the end, and her skin was pale and perfect with plump rosy cheeks like a porcelain doll. She was wearing slim-fit clothes, and her figure was athletic, and her long legs were the reason for her height. 
I sit back down next to Liam, and we talk to her dad for the next hour and a bit. The video is planned, the place, the wardrobe, the choreography. 
"Wait, who's going to choreograph it?" I say. 
"Right. You were in the bathroom. My daughter Abbott and her friend Sanja are gymnasts and dancers, so they'll be choreographing it."
Dammit. I won't be able to concentrate. And the boys agreed to never let a girl ruin the band's rising stardom. 
We thank him for welcoming us and set our way towards the beach house we rented for the video. 
"Took you awhile in the bathroom, mate," Liam teases. 
"Is it safe to say you met the choreographer?" Zayn says with a grin spreading across his face. 
"Yeah, boys. I met her," I say. 
"You already choreographed your way through that, eh?" Louis says. 
I glare at Louis with a look that he must have read as, 'you're gonna die soon,' because he raised his hands and said, "Sorry."
The boys left it at that until we reached the beach house, where I sat staring at his phone. 
She's not that desperate, I think to myself. No one calls two minutes after getting the number. 
I sit there for awhile, and after two hours, my cell phone rings and I pick it up immediately. 
"Hello?" I say. 
"Hi, it's Abbott."
"Hi. Couldn't wait to call?" I joke. 
"Why leave you in suspense?" 
"Well, you already have. I've been staring at my phone ever since."
Stupid. I sound so desperate. 
"If you're so desperate, meet me tonight at eight. On the beach between our places."
And she hung up. 
I walk into the main part of the beach house. 
"Spill," Zayn says. 
I turn and look at him. "Spill what?"
"I heard you. You've never been rubbish at talking to girls, but you can't talk to her. What does she look like?"
I smile. Zayn notices these things. "Straight black hair to her hips, killer athletic body, pale porcelain complexion. Bluer eyes than the Caribbean sea," I say. 
"Love at first sight?" He teases. 
"Yeah." I say, my face growing serious. "Kind of."
He sees my seriousness and his grin fades. "I'll cover for you tonight. Say you went for a walk or something."
I look up, my grin returning. "Thanks, man."
"Well, don't wreck it." He pretends to pout. 
"I won't."
I hurry back to my room. I have an hour. I change into red swim trunks and a black tank top I find on the top of my suitcase. 
I hurry into the kitchen and eat random foods to fill my stomach. Apple, cheese, some other food. 
I run to my bathroom and brush my teeth so I smell like spearmint. I spray on a cologne I carry with me everywhere. 
I walk towards the middle, about a mile from each house, and sit out of sight. For half an hour, I wait for her, and she comes into view and sits on a bench. I sneak behind her, sure not to make any noise. 
"And you've got that one thing," I whisper, feeling my lips brush her ear, breath hot on her cheek. 
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