I Ache For You

Abbott's father is newly-famous but widely-spread. He's a director that's become famous because of his first movie. As he spreads, he begins signing music video contracts. One day, when Abbott wakes, she finds One Direction in her living room.
Bent on seeing her every moment he can, Harry becomes absorbed and quite frankly, obsessed with this girl he hasn't even known for a week. His love is questioned when Abbott is sent to the emergency room...and diagnosed with something no one expected.


3. Abbott

I feel his breath on my cheek, hot and smells of spearmint. My heart starts catching up with a hunting cheetah's, somewhere in the world. 
"Hi," I say without turning. 
"Hi," he says, grabbing my hand and pulling me up from the bench. "You look beautiful."
I feel myself flush. "Thanks. You look pretty good yourself."
My self esteem seems to have gone through the roof, blasted off to space, and returned in a matter of milliseconds. 
"Does your dad know you're here? I don't want to get you in trouble." He says. 
"He thinks I'm on a walk."
"So do my band mates." He says with a sexy half-grin. 
He's still holding my hand, which is awkwardly getting sweaty. 
"I'm sorry," he pulls his hand away. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."
"No. It's fine." I grab his hand and pull him down onto the bench with me. My self esteem, once again, deciding to become an astronaut without my permission. "I'm sorry for making you come out, my friend got grabby with my phone while I was getting drinks."
"Well, I'm glad she did." His knee bumps mine. "You want to swim?"
I nod, pulling off my white dress to show my red bikini Sanja forced me to wear. 
He takes off his shirt and I have an awestruck moment where I stare at his abs while he's not paying attention. 
"What do you do, other than dance?" He asks as I lower my self into the shallow water. 
"Umm, well, I'm a gymnast. And I'm going to school for writing this fall. I've actually written two of my dad's upcoming movies."
He smiles at me. "Jack of all trades?"
I nod. He lowers himself in too. "I was going into law before One Direction, but I think I'll be fine with the band."
"Well, considering you're compared to the Beatles, I'm sure you'll be fine with the band."
"Truth or dare," he asks abruptly. 
"Truth," I say. 
"When was your first kiss?"
"Never. I've never been kissed," I say, which is true. "Truth or dare?"
"Truth," he says. 
"Why did you agree to meet me here?"
"Because I couldn't get enough of seeing you the first time. Did you only ask because I'm famous?"
"I didn't ask, my friend did. And no, I like you because you're charming and funny, as far as the Internet tells me."
He leans against his hand and cocks his head to the side. "Tell me more."
I laugh. "I like your hair."
"I like yours too. In fact, I find it intimidating that you have better abs than I do," he says with an eyebrow raised, a very odd but funny look for him. 
I laugh again. "The Internet says the truth."
"Not always. It says I'm strange. Do I seem the least bit odd to you?" He crosses his eyes and puckers his lips. 
"Stop it," I say in a giggling fit. 
"I've just started. I mean, I could do this all night. Unfortunately for me, I only have about half an hour before people start asking questions. But it seems that half an hour will be the best I've ever had."
When it was time to head home, Harry kissed my cheek and did that thing where our hands held until we were too far apart. 
Sanja had been hiding in my room the whole time, and when I got back, she jumped on me like I was the last veggie burger left. 
"How was it? Did you kiss? What he sweet?"
"Great, no, yes."
"Why didn't you kiss him? I know about the whole, 'kiss someone you love' jif, but it's Harry freaking Styles. I'd do dirtier things to that boy within twenty minutes together." 
I reflect my disgust on my face, and say, "Too graphic, San. Way too graphic."
"You're so PG, hun. This boy's a pop-star. He's done it numerous times. You're gonna have to be good. But then again, you are flexible-"
"Stop! That was a version of a first date. We didn't kiss, so don't start making those kind of plans for me!" I sigh. "As much as we like each other, we're practically strangers."
"Okay, well, stranger, your phone is buzzing. I've got to head home. Bye, hun."
I grab my phone and check my text. 
Miss you already. 
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