I Ache For You

Abbott's father is newly-famous but widely-spread. He's a director that's become famous because of his first movie. As he spreads, he begins signing music video contracts. One day, when Abbott wakes, she finds One Direction in her living room.
Bent on seeing her every moment he can, Harry becomes absorbed and quite frankly, obsessed with this girl he hasn't even known for a week. His love is questioned when Abbott is sent to the emergency room...and diagnosed with something no one expected.


1. Abbott

My father had come to being very welcome to letting people into his home. Often it happened that actors such as Channing Tatum and Jeremy Renner would be in my living room-the moment I woke up. 
My dad, you see, is a famous director after filming Seen It In a Movie, last year's biggest film. Singers, too, visited often because of the music video contracts my dad signs, and sometimes I choreograph them. 
Today, One Direction is coming. I happen to be a few months younger than Harry, but I don't tend to get starstruck. (I made that mistake when Andrew Garfield came last month. Let's just say my dad never got him for the lead.)
I hide in my room when I hear the doorbell ring, and text my friend Sanja to calm my nerves. 
Me: Help! There's a boy band in my living room and I'm hungry!
Sanja: Just don't go AG on them. Grab some yogurt and berries and make like a bear!
Me: I'm gonna run like a cheetah. Thanks. 
Sanja: No problem. Just don't go cheetah on Harry. I know you. 
Me: Please, why would he want to date some random girl?
Sanja: You'll see. 
After the ominous text I had no reply to, I hurried out to my kitchen, which is just barely in line of sight of the living room. 
I make the mistake of peeking over and seeing Harry at the edge of the couch. I quit staring, but he winks and my inside cave in. I trip towards the fridge, hitting the island in the middle, and probably bruising my stomach. 
I push myself up and walk in pain towards the fridge, quickly swiping strawberry yogurt and some blueberries. As I close the fridge, I hear footsteps, which I ignore as I head towards my room. It's probably just our maid, Delia. 
"Excuse me?" Says an unmistakably British voice. 
I turn on my heel, slowly to see familiar olive green eyes staring back at mine. 
"I'm sorry if I distracted you, I was just seeing if you were here, I'll go back to my room," I babble quickly. 
"No. That's not why I came. What's your name?" He asks. 
"Abbott. Abbott Jackson." I say calmly. 
"I'm Harry." He holds out his hand, which I shake nervously, and when I pull back, there's a paper in my grasp. "I suppose Mr. Jackson is your father?"
I nod. 
"Well, I hope to see you again. Now, to follow the excuse I used to get here, where's the bathroom?"
I point to a door next to mine, and he kisses the back of my hand gallantly before entering the door. 
I skip into my room and close the door. I just met Harry Styles. 
I throw myself onto my bed, clutching my stomach I forgot I bruised. I grab hold of my phone and speed dial Sanja. 
"Hello?" Sanja's clear voice sounds on the other end. 
"I'm...Panicking...I might just die."
"I guess you saw Harry."
"Good guess. But it's lacking. I saw Harry. Harry saw me. He gave me a paper. He kissed my hand. Damn, that boy is smooth," I whisper, taking into account that he's in the next room. 
"What's on the paper? His number?"
I look down at it and start unfolding it. "I didn't see. It says, 'I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe!'" I squeal. 
"Calm down! You sound like you're going to cry."
I wouldn't be surprised if I did. I'm really confused, tired, and my stomach hurts. But I just scored Harry Styles' number. 
"Can you come over, in like, an hour or two?" I say. 
"Sure. I'll see you soon."
"Be here. Two hours. Bye."
I press the red end button and roll onto my back, staring at my ceiling until things start to tie together. 
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