Annie was THE luckiest girl in the world I mean she would if she was dating Harry Styles of One Direction wouldn't she? But one day they went to a club and she saw something and heard something that she could never EVER forgive him for....


1. Blood and tears

Hi I'm Annie Grey. I live in the UK and I am not sure if u know or not but I'm dating Harry Styles.

Annie's POV:
" Goodmkrning mum and dad!!" " Goodmkrning sweetie " " im headin over to Harry's for a little" " alright sweetie but bring him in when u come home" I walked over to Harry's flat which was 2 minutes away. I rang the doorbell and Harry popped out and kissed me. And then I saw the boys pop out from under the couch how long we're they there? Oh well I gave them all a hug and we all sat down on the couch " so you guys up for the club tonight?" Zayn said. Louis Liam and Niall all shook their heads and cleared their throats what? Harry just looked at the ground I was confused. " let's go to club it seems fun " " yeah sure" they all said much more less enthusiastic as me What?!?!? All the boys loved the club oh well I pushed the thought out of my head and went to go get a movie " who's up for some toy story?" I asked YAY!!! They all jumped and shouted we watched toy story and then Harry took me home. " hey you wouldn't mind coming in for a bit would you?" " no of course not " we both walked in " we're home!!!!!" I yelled I walked into kitchen with Harry following me we sat down and soon enough my mom and dad came in " ummm so Annie we are going to the Bahamas for a few weeks of vacation our work place is paying for it only for those few weeks so we need to leave tomorrow Harry could she stay at ur flat?" " of course " " thanks so much Harry Annie go pack your going to stay with him starting tonight" " alright mum" I ran up the stairs followed by Harry and stuffed all my stuff in there and left " bye mum bye dad be safe!!" " bye honey you too!" and with that I left to Harry's house it was ten already so I went to go change for the club I changed into a skin tight red dress and some 1 inch black heels I put on light makeup and curled my hair I walked out and all eyes were on me " what?" " nothing" they all blushed looked away we got in the car as Liam drove us there. I got in cause the boys pulled the one direction card we sat at the bar I saw them all chug at least three bottles of beer already I started talking to Louis since he was the only one not drunk. I turned around to see where Harry was I didn't see him I told Louis I was going to look for him. " Harry!" I yelled multiple time " HAR-" I saw him making out with some blond girl I felt tears stream down my cheeks I ran out to get a club lucky for me there were multiple ones lined by the club. I got in one and saw Louis come out yelling for me I went home to my flat and Louis followed me there I ran inside the front door and locked myself in the bathroom I heard Liam and Niall come in behind Louis. I looked and found the red box with ravors in it I picked out the sharpest one and cut myself three times. I saw the door knock down and Niall call 911 Zayn came up too but was too scared to look at anything. I felt my eyes close as Louis yelled my name and darkness washed over me
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