The Start of Something New

"I know that something has changed. Never felt this way."
When Olivia's parents were killed in a crash ten years ago, she left her home in England to live with a foster family. She left all of her friends, including her older and only guy friend Lewis. But when she gets into an incident with Niall from One Direction, both her and her sister Alexa's favorite band, both Olivia and the other boys instantly become close. But as the friendship grows, she discovers something that can change her life.


11. What's happening with me?

After two hours of Apples to Apples, many fails, laughs, and Austin begging to turn on the NFL pre-season game, we all decided to hit the hay. Me, Becca, and Emma all sleep in my room while Austin and Alexa sleep in their own rooms. I think Austin was about to make his move to ask Emma out because Emma went to the bathroom to clean up and he's outside waiting for her to leave.

"Do you think Austin likes Emma?" Becca asks me.

"Duh, do you see the way he lights up when the three of us have a sleepover?" I tell her.

"Oh my god. What if he asks her out to the fair?" She says.

"Well, let's wait." I answer. I few minutes later, Emma runs into my room jumping. I wonder what's going on.


"Congrats." We both tell her. Wow. He finally told her. Man, I doubted him about his plan. Maybe me and Alexa should apologize.

"Hey, Liv, you mind if we tell you something that we think may be true." Emma asks me.

"Um...sure. What is it?" I ask.

We've been standing there for a while, then Becca whispers, "We all think Niall has a crush on you."

Wait, is that why he kissed me? Is that why he asked me who my first kiss was? Is that why he offered me to squeeze his hand when Harry was stitching my leg up? Is that how all those things that happened between me and him happened? Is that why he asked me to go to the Canfield Fair with him? Oh. My. God. It must be all true. Niall does have a crush on me.

<Liam POV>

We were just sitting there, watching Toy Story 3. I suggested that we watch that since we had no movies to watch at this moment. I looked at Niall and Louis. I think that both of them fancy Olivia. I overheard them talking to her and apparently they both asked her to this fair that's here, which is weird. Normally, if two or more of us fancied the same girl, we'd either play knots and crosses or scrabble.

"Hey guys, you got to see this crazy video I found randomly on YouTube." Zayn said and all of us went over. We started watching this crazy video of some Korean guy dancing to this super weird move and a song that is just...crazy. It's better than Salad Fingers that we watched on tour. It was super creepy that I couldn't sleep for a day.

After the weirdness ended, I pulled out my phone and texted Louis and Niall the same thing but without telling them.

"Hey. I got a question. Do you fancy Olivia?" I sent it to them and they both pulled out their phone at the same time.

I got a text from Louis first saying, "Yes, I do. But don't tell Nialler. He fancies her too. I don't want to hurt his feelings or play knots and crosses or scrabble at the moment."

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