The Start of Something New

"I know that something has changed. Never felt this way."
When Olivia's parents were killed in a crash ten years ago, she left her home in England to live with a foster family. She left all of her friends, including her older and only guy friend Lewis. But when she gets into an incident with Niall from One Direction, both her and her sister Alexa's favorite band, both Olivia and the other boys instantly become close. But as the friendship grows, she discovers something that can change her life.


26. We're all in this together

<Niall POV>

It was just the five of us, Emma, and Becca on skype at the moment. Olivia went to get Alexa and Austin, but it seems to be taking her a while. We just talked about random things and pretty much did nothing.

"So. How was everyone's day?" Emma asked.

"It was fine." Zayn answered.

"I met Annita and Jake." I told everyone.

"But did they know that..." Becca started.

"I had a disguise on. Hopefully that didn't give you a heart attack." I corrected.

"That's good." Liam told me.

"Very." Louis added on.

The next thing we see on Olivia's screen is her clicking out of the conversation. Not even saying goodbye. Suddenly, my phone beeped. It was Austin.

From: Austin "Hey. Our family is just about 2 go through tough things. We found out that Annita has cancer. Were all very upset. We didnt tell Liv yet, but dont say anything 2 her."

I showed the message to the boys, but apparently they all got the message. We looked back on the computer. Both the girls got it too. I believe I know why she left our conversation.

She must have found out about Annita and her cancer.

"Where do you think she went?" Emma asked.

"I think she might have went for a run." Becca suggested. "You know how she runs when she wants to take her mind off of things."

"Wait. Niall, didn't you run into her while she was running?" Liam asked me.

"Yeah. Why?" I asked.

"She told me she went for a run to take her mind off of when I told her about Louis and Eleanor, and Austin's idea of some sort." Becca said.

"When was that?" I asked worrying.

"Ummm... five days ago. I believe. But I'm not sure." She answered.

"I ran into her five days ago. She's injured, still. I can't let her get hurt again." I said as I grabbed my jacket and keys and began to rush out of the house when I felt a hand on my shoulders. It was Louis.

"I'm coming, too." He said.

"She might get kidnapped or something. I can't let that happen. She's out on her own." I tell him. "She's my girlfriend and I don't want her harmed."

"She's my best friend from home, Niall. I haven't seen her in forever and I don't want her harmed either. So I'm going with you."

I looked over at the boys, who were shocked. Even the girls on the screen were shocked. Apparently, they didn't know that both of them were old friends.

Zayn stood up, along with Harry and Liam. I guess they want to go with me.

"Pick us up on your way." Emma said and exited out of the chat.

"Same here. See ya soon." Becca said and exited out too.

After a few seconds, we all rushed out of the house and went into the car.

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