The Start of Something New

"I know that something has changed. Never felt this way."
When Olivia's parents were killed in a crash ten years ago, she left her home in England to live with a foster family. She left all of her friends, including her older and only guy friend Lewis. But when she gets into an incident with Niall from One Direction, both her and her sister Alexa's favorite band, both Olivia and the other boys instantly become close. But as the friendship grows, she discovers something that can change her life.


24. We got lucky

"Wait, what the hell are you talking about with you and Louis?" Alexa asked/yelled/whispered. Why did I even blurt that out?! She brought up that Jake Clifton, who is only 30, being old friends with Danielle Peazer. Can that even be possible? Did Jake live in England before he moved to America? Let's just keep this aside for a moment. Right now, there's another problem to deal with.

I was silent for a moment, then I said, "Alright! You left me no choice! Lewis, my old friend from home, is actually Louis! I'm from Doncaster! I was with him the night my parents died due to a drunk father! Why the heck am I even shouting in a whisper!?"

The two of them started to laugh. I guess the last thing I said made them laugh. "Alright. Now that's something that I didn't know. I'm glad you now know what Lewis has been up to, but I never thought he would be a famous singer along with three other British guys and an Irish guy. And that Irish guy happens to be your boyfriend. Man, this week have been crazier than Christmas Eve." Alexa told me.

"You guys are one crazy family." Niall said to us. "I think people are wondering where we are. How about we go join the others?"

We left the Thanksgiving size dining room and joined everyone else in the living room. The people on SNL were doing this crazy sketch, I love it when SNL do funny sketches. Alexa sat on the spinning chair we have, Niall laid down on the couch, and I went to my usual place, the floor.

"Hey, guys, guess what?" Alexa said.

"What is it?" Jake asked.

"Olivia told me she got in touch with her old friend from England." She told them. Alexa! Why did you have to do that?! It was suppose to be a secret!

"That's great, Olivia!" Annita says to me. "How is he doing after a while? Isn't he suppose to be 20? I know he was 11 when you left England, but didn't you tell us his birthday was on Christmas Eve, and the incident was 10 years ago as of last month? What does he do?" Man, she had a lot of questions to ask.

"Well..." I started. I can't tell them it's Louis. "Lewis is doing fine. Yes, he's 20. He actually now has...uhh..." I looked at Niall who was holding up the number four. "Four siblings now." I looked back at him and he nodded. Wow. I have a terrible memory of knowing that he has four sisters. "And, well, he's pursuing a career as a..." I should tell them, but give them hints. "Singer."

"Like you if you don't make it as a track and field runner." Jake said.

Niall looked right at me. Yes, if my dream of doing track in the Olympics doesn't happen, I want to sing. I know a lot of songs, wrote a few in my past times, and even tried out for the talent show as a freshman. Didn't make it, sadly. Yeah, that's my story of my second of my many dreams I want to accomplish. I'd tell them to you, but there's too many.

"Yes. Exactly. In fact. He's in a band too." I told them. "I forgot the name of it. But let's just get back to tv."

We've been watching tv for legit two hours. Niall, in a Timmy disguise, said he was going back to the house.

"Okay. Well, nice to meet you, Timmy. Hope we get to see you again." Annita said.

"Nice to meet you too. See you soon, Liv." He told me as he gave me a small kiss.

"Bye, Timmy." I said. I hesitated to say Niall. As he left, I went upstairs to my room and flopped onto my bed. I'm going to have to get used to calling him Timmy.


Author's note: Saw Pitch Perfect tonight. IT. WAS. AMAZING!! (or as I should say, amazayn.) I may be going into some drama in the next chapter, just don't know what it should be about. HELP!! AHHH!!! Sorry. My brain is always off on the weekends. Anyways, thanks for reading. Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

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