The Start of Something New

"I know that something has changed. Never felt this way."
When Olivia's parents were killed in a crash ten years ago, she left her home in England to live with a foster family. She left all of her friends, including her older and only guy friend Lewis. But when she gets into an incident with Niall from One Direction, both her and her sister Alexa's favorite band, both Olivia and the other boys instantly become close. But as the friendship grows, she discovers something that can change her life.


15. We aren't facebook official, but we are dating

Niall texted me asking if I was free tonight. I was going to watch Hairspray with Alexa and Austin, but they don't like the movie more than me. So I just texted him yes. He asked if I wanted to see a movie tonight. Well my original plan was to watch a movie tonight, but I've seen Hairspray more than you can imagine. I asked what movie, and he said the Avengers. I've always wanted to see the Avengers, but Austin was too busy to take me to see it. Apparently, he wanted to try out for the football team, but he never made it, and it was a waste of my life to wait for him. I texted alright, and he replied saying that he will meet me at my house in 15 minutes to pick me up.

I can't believe this! My first date with Niall. I was super excited. Both him and Louis are my favorite members of the band, but this is different. About 15 minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. I heard Alexa shout, "Liv! Niall is here!"

"Thanks." I said as I ran down the stairs and saw him at the front door, looking all fancy and stuff when I'm just in a t-shirt and jeans. My plan was to switch back and forth between the boys. First was Louis in the rain last night, and now it's Niall and going to the movies. I wanted to take my mind off of what Louis said about him having a crush on me since I was seven, which is just weird, and wanted to continue on with my life. Besides, Niall is the reason that I'm now friends with the boys and how I'm a crush between two of them. We left my house and went to the movie theaters.

"Thanks for coming." He said.

"No problem. And you didn't have to go all fancy for this. It's just a movie." I told him.

"I know. I just felt like being a little fancy tonight."

When we got to the theaters, he put on his sunglasses, in case any crazed fans are at the movies, and we went inside. He ordered a huge bucket of popcorn, and I just ordered the usual that I would normally eat, gummy bears!! We went into the theaters and took our seats. The movie began, and I was excited. I ran out of gummy bears quicker than you can say "Peeta Mellark" so I just ate out of Niall's popcorn. Near the middle of the movie, I felt something on my shoulder. I look at it to see that it was a hand. It was Niall's, and he did the cheesy guy move to me. I leaned my head on his shoulders and he kissed my forehead. I can feel a spark between us. Can this mean something good? Could it mean something bad? I'll never know.

When the movie ended, and Niall finished his popcorn, we left the theaters and went home. Before he could start the car, he leaned and kissed me. Suddenly, it changed from a simple kiss to a passionate kiss. Lasting for more than a minute, more than mine with Louis last night. We pulled back, but I didn't want to stop. I feel like I want to be more than friends with him.

He started the engine and drove back to my place. We just sat there in silence until he blurted out a question that I will never forget. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

My heart stopped right there. I can't believe that Niall Horon, out of all people who asked me out and I rejected, asked me to be his girlfriend!! I just want to scream. But what will I do about Louis? Keep a public relationship with Niall, but a secret one with Louis? I work that out later. But I quickly replied, "YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!" We pulled into my driveway, I kissed him goodbye, and ran into the house and up to my room, without saying hi or talking about my date to Alexa and Austin. Tonight was officially the best night of my life.

Author's note: I tried my best on this chapter, but my friends aren't around, I was bored and nothing else to do. So I kept my promise and chapter 15 is now out! Anyways, I tried my best and this is what I came up with. So thanks for reading and I'll get chapter 16 out soon.

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