The Start of Something New

"I know that something has changed. Never felt this way."
When Olivia's parents were killed in a crash ten years ago, she left her home in England to live with a foster family. She left all of her friends, including her older and only guy friend Lewis. But when she gets into an incident with Niall from One Direction, both her and her sister Alexa's favorite band, both Olivia and the other boys instantly become close. But as the friendship grows, she discovers something that can change her life.


5. The night I spent with Mopey

I was pretty shocked Liam offered that for me. I mean literally, was this just happening to me?! One Direction, the biggest boy band that I will ever know, asking me, Olivia, to spend the night with them?! I didn't know what else to say! I was sitting on a couch because I couldn't move my knee since the surgery was just finished about ten minutes ago.

So I finally decide on a decision and answered Liam's offer with,"Sure. I'd love to. But can I borrow someone's phone for a minute? I have to call someone." All of them started to search their pants for their phones. Harry was the first to pull out his phone and gave it to me. I take it from him and begin to type in Alexa's number.

After the first ring, she answered. "Alexa's number. This is Alexa speaking." She said.

"Hey, Lexa, it's Olivia." I tell her.

"Liv, who's number are you calling on? And where are you? Annita and Jake are wondering."

"Can you keep this inbetween us? Don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you."

"Sure. What is it?" She asks.

"Alright. Well, I'm calling from Harry Styles' phone. Like THE Harry Styles. One Direction is here in Canfield. I'm at their house right now." I say.


I saw Zayn looking at me like I'm weird. I guess that he heard Alexa screaming like crazy. I didn't even realize that he was in here.  "Sorry. Alexa and I, big fans." I tell him. I guess he noticed that. I went back to Alexa who was still on the phone. "Well, long story short. I was running, tripped over someone wheeling a package, turned out it was Niall, saw that there was were two rocks in my knee, went to their house, had surgery done by them, now I have stitches, the end." I said.

"Alright then. But still, jealous. So what do you want?" she asked.

"Well, they asked if I wanted to stay the night, and I said yes. And I wanted you to tell Annita and Jake that I'm spending the night at Becca's. Oh, and tell Becca my story. That's the only person you can tell. You know what, I'll tell her myself. See you tomorrow." I hung up and dialed Becca's number.

I told her the same thing that I told Alexa, except she was the one that screamed a lot. I bet Louis can hear it from his room. Haha. Small joke from me. After I hung up on her, Zayn came over to help me up from the chair. Man, I've been sitting on that for an hour and it made a mark showing where my butt was. I limped over to hand Harry back his phone, with Zayn still supporting me. Niall came down with an oversized t-shirt. My guessing is that it is one of his. That was sweet of him.  "So where am I sleeping?" I asked.

"Well, we talked about it, and we thought that you'd sleep in Louis room tonight." Liam answered.  Great, I get to spend the night with the guy who never came out of his room until now. I'm  helped up the stairs by Harry and Zayn all the way to his room. They knock on the door and we heard a small voice saying, "It's open." They open the door and help me in.

"Hey, Olivia is going to sleep here tonight if that's alright with you." Harry told him.

"Sure, whatever. Just leave me here alone to sob in my sorrows and pain." He said and continued to cry. I can stand up by myself now, and I can walk a little, so I limped in and closed the door behind me.

"So, is there a bathroom here?" I ask.

"Down the hall, first one on your left." He answered with his head buried in the pillow. I carefully limp down the hall to find the bathroom. When I got there, I saw Niall coming out.

"Oh, hey Olivia. You can walk?" Niall asked.

"I can walk a little." I answered. "I'm just here to change. Thanks for the shirt by the way. I'll give it to you tomorrow."

He turned back and said, "You can keep it. I have tons of shirts I need to get rid of. I gave some to the boys." He then walked back to his room. That was super kind of him. I get to keep one of Niall Horan's shirts, and I get to sleep in the same room as Louis Tomlinson. Finally, my night has gotten better.

I take off my sweaty running clothes and throw on Niall's shirt. I take out my ponytail and let my long curly brown hair flow out. Sadly, I didn't have a toothbrush, so I found an extra one and used that. After all of my time in the bathroom, I limp back to Louis' room. It turns out that he had gotten another pint of ice cream and is watching The Titanic. He is sobbing like crazy.

"I don't think watching The Titanic will help you get your mind off of you know who." I tell him without saying Eleanor because I know that will make him more upset.

"Then what should I do?" He asks.

I reach for the remote an turned off the tv. "I think that you should listen to some music. That helps me when I'm down. How about we turn on the radio and listen." I offer as I reach over to turn on the radio. I hope the first song will be cheerful, but when I turned it on, "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes is playing. It just started, that's not good. I mean I love that song, but it's not the good time to be playing it. It's a slow and sad song. When it got to the chorus, Louis just started crying and laid down on my lap. I felt a little bit of pain due to my scar, but I allowed him to lay there. He's been going through some tough times with his life. He lost someone he loved.

"It's alright, Louis. You'll find someone perfect for you someday." I said to him while he's still constantly sobbing into my lap. I figured that I'm going to be here for a while.  When the song ended, I had this relieved feeling. I look down to see Louis sleeping on my lap. Really? He must have cried himself to sleep. I was pretty tired myself. I slowly moved him off my lap and pulled out the bed underneath and got under the covers. So far, I feel like I'm bonding with all of them, mostly Louis and Niall.

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