��Sophia Glitters always wanted to meet big time rush and one direction. Her favorite boy bands.. But she never got to see them when she was walking in Hollywood a surprise was there... Now Sophia hangs out with the boys but what would happen if one of the 1D boys fall in love with Sophia and one of the big time rush boys fall in love with her too? Let's check it out..



Sophia said " hey Harry can I used ur phone?." Harry said " sure" Sophia called Logan.

Sophia: Logan?
Logan : Harry?
Sophia : no its sophia
Logan : oh hi Sophia
Sophia : did you guys find James yet?
Logan : no not at all
Sophia : WHAT! Where could he be?
Logan : we don't really know..
Sophia : is Kendall there with you?
Logan : no we split up
Sophia : oh well.. I gotta help you guys find James..
Logan : oh ok..
Sophia: see ya...

Harry said " so what did Logan said?." Sophia said " they still haven't found James yet and Kendall and him split up." Harry said " oh." Sophia said " I gotta go help them find James." Harry said " no wait! Sophia said " I gotta help his my friend." Harry said " I'm going with you." Sophia said " ok." Harry said to Zayn" Zayn you guys wait here and if what the doctor would say I have to go with Sophia to find James.." Zayn said " ok." Harry and Sophia went in to Harry's car. Sophia said " where could James possibly be? He could be near here or something." Harry said " I have no clue where James is. Oh gee! I forgot my beanie and my wallet! In the BTR house." Sophia said " ok we gotta go get it." Harry drove to the BTR house. They went in. The lights were on. Harry said " why aren't the lights off?." Sophia said " I don't know did someone turned in on before we left the house?." Harry said " no I don't think so." sophia said " it's a mystery." Harry said " careful..." Sophia slowly walked tiptoeing and sat down on the couch slowly. Harry was tiptoeing to the bathroom. A guys voice said " hi." Sophia screamed so loud. She picked up a pillow and hit the guy with it. The guy said " ouch! Ouch!." Harry said " what's goin on?." a guys voice said " stop! Stop! Stop!." Sophia blurted out " JAMES!."
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