��Sophia Glitters always wanted to meet big time rush and one direction. Her favorite boy bands.. But she never got to see them when she was walking in Hollywood a surprise was there... Now Sophia hangs out with the boys but what would happen if one of the 1D boys fall in love with Sophia and one of the big time rush boys fall in love with her too? Let's check it out..



Sophia walked in Hollywood. She felt the wind.. The breezy air.. She saw a woman who looks a lot like Victoria Justice. Sophia said " oooo is that Victoria? Oh I'm friends with her..." Sophia walked near to the woman. Sophia said " hello." the woman or girl said " hi." the girl looked up. IT'S VICTORIA JUSTICE! Sophia said " omg! HEY VIC." Victoria said " hey Sophia! Wow! What are u doing here?." Sophia said " oh nothing just taking a walk." Victoria said " that's good. So how are things going? It's been a long time since we saw each other in that carnival..." Sophia said " yeah I'm doing great and I guess ur doing amazing too.. You have a show.. VICTORIOUS!." Victoria laughed. She said " thank you but it's pretty hard working too you know like act and also sing too." Sophia said " yeah that's pretty hard." Victoria said " well I gotta go I gotta tape the new episode of victorious.. It's nice to meet you again Sophia and see you soon." Sophia said " you too Vic.". Sophia kept walking. She stopped onto this big lake. She looked around. There were 9 boys beside her who were throwing stones on the lake. Sophia said " hey! Hey! Don't throw stones right there that's illegal." . This black haired round headed boy said " and look who's talking?." the boys turned around to Sophia. Sophia couldn't believe what she saw.. The boys are ONE DIRECTION AND BIG TIME RUSH!!!. Sophia said " omg! You guys are-- are--." James said " we know." Sophia said " hi my name is Sophia and I'm such a big fan of you 2 both bands." Harry said " thanks." Sophia said " I can't believe I'm actually talkin to you guys. I'm so sorry about telling u that what to do sorry I apologize." Liam said " it's alright. Nothin matters." Logan said " yeah nothin even matters oh." Sophia laughed. Sophia asked " so what are u guys doing here?." Kendall said " here just having fun spending time with our very best friends.." Sophia said " that's amazing."
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