��Sophia Glitters always wanted to meet big time rush and one direction. Her favorite boy bands.. But she never got to see them when she was walking in Hollywood a surprise was there... Now Sophia hangs out with the boys but what would happen if one of the 1D boys fall in love with Sophia and one of the big time rush boys fall in love with her too? Let's check it out..



Sophia said " this isn't right you know what this doesn't feel right. You know what I just met you guys and I didn't expect that this would happen. I thought you guys were friends forever but I kinda think that I was sort of wrong about it. " James said " Sophia I'm so sorry I know these things you didn't expect this to happen I'm so sorry." Harry said " I'm sorry too Sophia. I didn't expect that you would feel it this way. I'm so sorry." Sophia said " no matter how many times you guys would say sorry to me that doesn't changed anything I already felt it and there it goes." Harry's phone rang.

Harry : hello?
Zayn : Harry c'mon here!
Harry : what happened?
Zayn : just cmon here!
Harry : ok we are on our way!

Sophia said " what was that? Harry said " it was Zayn and he wants us to go there right away!." Sophia said " ok lets go!." Harry Sophia and James went to the hospital. Logan and Kendall were already there. They all went in to the room even though it's crowded. NIALL HAS WOKEN UP! Sophia exclaimed in happiness " NIALL!. She hugged him right away. Niall said " thanks Sophia." Carlos said " NIALL!!I LOVE U BUDDY!." they all laughed. Carlos said " Niall I'm so sorry about what happened and I promise to the whole world that I won't do it ever again!." Niall laugh and said " it's alright Carlos it's fine and that was pretty fun too." Carlos laughed. Sophia looked at Harry and James. Sophia said to the both of them" SEE?." Harry said " I guess you're right." James and Harry hugged each other. Sophia said " awww." James said "friends again?." Harry said "definitely!."
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