��Sophia Glitters always wanted to meet big time rush and one direction. Her favorite boy bands.. But she never got to see them when she was walking in Hollywood a surprise was there... Now Sophia hangs out with the boys but what would happen if one of the 1D boys fall in love with Sophia and one of the big time rush boys fall in love with her too? Let's check it out..



They sat down on a bench. The gym was full of people. Harry said " I guess there's no space for us." James said " there's should be." Niall said " u guys wanna go home and play?." James said " sure." they went to BTR house. They stopped at McDonalds first to grab some food. Then they arrived into the house. Carlos and Niall were watching films. They were watching movies from the 1920s and some of them were silent movies. James was sitting on the couch by himself. He was texting. Harry was on the left side of the couch. He was feeling left out kinda. Sophia was in the middle of the couch sitting. She was between Harry and James. She felt a little awkward. Niall was watching the movie and he hadn't blinked since the past 10 minutes. James said " Niall? Are u ok?." Niall didn't answered. He sat there frozen with his eyes on the tv. Carlos said " guys don't worry I got it!." Carlos threw balls on Niall. It was some soft balls. But accidentally Carlos picked up hard tennis ball. He was outta of his mind with the balls. He threw the tennis ball right into Niall's head. Niall shouted " OUCH! Carlos said " oh no! I am so sorry Niall." Niall teared up a little. Harry went up to Niall. Harry said " oh gosh! Guys this is not good...." Harry touched Niall's head. Harry said " oh no! Guys there's blood." Carlos blurted out " WHAT!." James said " oh no this is bad!." Harry said " guys we gotta get Niall to the hospital." Sophia said " Niall are u ok?." Niall said " don't worry I'll be fine." Harry called the ambulance.
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