Kyrstyn would have never imagined the day Liam Payne hunted her down. But when it happens her life turns around. Harry Styles has suddenly dissapered. And a horrific time happens in her life.


1. How It All Started

The echo of our feet hitting the ground was all you could here. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. My pace quickend with every step, but my thought wouldn't budge. All that was on my mind was why I am here, and what is behind that door.

My stumach growelled and I realized I hadn't ate anything in about four days. The growling got louder the closer we got to the door at the end of the hall.

"Do you mind." The man in the security guard shirt said looking back at me.

"I can't control it." I say with a soft voice.

The man stops as I do the same.

He then turns around and pushes me up against the wall.

"Let go of me." I try to say. But the fingers around my neck are making that nearly impossible.

The guy punches me in the face, then knees me in the gut.

What all just happend, was this all a dream, I silently prey.

"Now get up and be silent." He says harshly making his way towards the door agian.

I follow him. Holding in my breath and plugging my noes. I don't want to make another noise, because what if he hits me again.

We arrive at the door in a matter of seconds. I look back to see the length of the hall.

To get from one in to the other it would take no longer than a minute. So why did it take me twenty.

I close my eyes as the man twist the door handle.

He literally pushes me in so I open my eyes and look around.

In the room is my old foster care mother, my adoption agency person. Then a family. A family with a mom and a dad, a son and a daughter.

I sigh knowing that from al my years of sorrow it's about impossible to feel the love these people are feeling.

The boy is staring at me. At my shirt. My crummy old navy shirt. The last shirt the adoption agency gave me before I moved in with Linda, my old foster care mother.

She was the closes thing I had to a mom, so I had always had respect for her. Even though I had tried to run away multiple times, it was only because I know my real parents would want me back if they could have seen me then.

I gave up hope when Linda told me that my birth parents had died in a plane crash. I had never actually believed that but had feelings of it being true.

"Hello Kyrstyn." My adoption agency lady smiled. Her name was Brneia. But was always to hard for me to say, until now.

"Hi." I smile. My British accent going in the way of the family on the other side of the table.

I sit in an empty chair inbetween Linda and Brneia.

The boy coughs and his eyes twinkle when they meet mine. We have the same eyes. Which is wierd. But is not a big deal.

"Kyrstyn." Linda smiles at me politely, "Meet your birth parents. And your blood related siblings." she says with a proud tone in her voice.

I feel like I could faint. All this stuff I want to ask my parents. My new siblings. How I don't want to say good bye to Linda and Brneia.

And I do, faint.
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