Zayn & I are exes. But now I've moved on with like Harry & he likes me, but I have too many secrets...


1. That First Time

"No matter what happens, we still have 'us'.  This is just a silly contest", he said with a smile.

  Those brown eyes used to kill me.  And that smile... the smile that at least a million girls fell in love with.  But I was first.

"Zayn, don't talk like that. You're AMAZING!"

He laughed, kissed me, told me he loved me and got out of the car.  I watched him walk to back into the arena and waited.  I sat in my car all day because I felt like I counln't leave him.



"Zayn, Niall, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis..."


I see him walking back with his 'plain face', I brace myself for the news to come.  The door click and i smell his cologne.  He sits down, buckles his seatbelt and turns to me.  He just looks at me for a few moments. Until I yell at him, with all around emotion.

"Dammit Malik, what happened?!"

But he just looked at me.  Then looked down at his lap.

"I'm in a band", he said as he looked up at me with an uncontrolled smile.

We both started crying.  We rushed to the hotel... And that was the night that I lost my 'V-Card'.  It was great.  Zayn's a true gentalmen.  We walk up, and he very gentally shuts the door.  I press my body agianst his.  Then I grab the doorknob and lock the door.  I look up at him and he's looking at me then he grins softly as he caresses his hands around my hips.  He tries to pull me in closer but that's not possible.  He kisses me slowly and then picks me up, and I wrap my legs around his torso. We're kissing with passion and he gentally lays me on the bed.  I pull on his belt.  With that; his pants.  Then my favorite shirt, pink and black t-shirt, fell off.  He unclothed me and kissed me from "below-the-belt" all the way to my nose.  Then he kissed me soft and slow.

"Are you sure baby?  We don't have to do this," he said looking at my breasts, then to my eyes.

"I'm ready.  I love you."




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