A theater script Im writing on, the first ever.

Basically this group called wonderland is found dead, suicide all round.
So we start at the end and then we teleport 6 months back in time, and start working our way towards the conclusion, answering some questions on the way. And hopefully creating some too.


19. Wonderland (Full Play)


Scene 1, A bloody discovery

A boy (the main character) is laying in the middle of the scene, blood is running from his mouth and there´s a gun lying beside him along with a mug, his eyes are closed and he appears dead.
In front of him there´s a turned-on laptop, and on the big screen on the wall is a picture of a Skype conversation between someone called Alice, and the boy himself, his name is listed as Hatter. The screen shows that the last message send was from the boy (Hatter), which reads “Alice where are you? The tea is running cold”. It was sent 1 hour ago and has not been answered.
A criminal detective is standing beside the boy, inspecting the body. As the lights turn on another criminal detective (a girl), walks up on the scene, and stands beside him.
Criminal detective (female): Report?

Criminal detective (male): He killed himself.

Criminal detective (female): I can see that…

Criminal detective (male): My guess would be that he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, instant death.

Criminal detective (female): Heartbeat?

Criminal detective (male): None.

Criminal detective (female): And the computer? What does it say?

Criminal detective (male): Another Wonderland conversation. I think he was the last.

Criminal detective (female): Do you believe in Wonderland now?

Criminal detective (male): maybe

Criminal detective (female): Anyway. The girl, I think she were the one called Alice, was found about an 1 hour and a half ago in a small shed downtown, same condition as the boy. And the twins, Hatter and Cat, were found besides each other, also about 2 hours ago, again same condition.

Criminal detective (male): Where are they now?

Criminal detective (female): All the bodies are kept at the Bellevue hospital for examination.

Criminal detective (male): Do you think this is the end of Wonderland?

Criminal detective (female): I certainly hope so, I’m tired of this affair.

Criminal detective (male): Me too. Did we ever found out who they really were?

Criminal detective (female): No, there were no records of anyone of them, and their associates knew them only as Wonderland, very few even knew their individual nicknames.

Criminal detective (male): I don’t get it, how can teenagers even do this?

Criminal detective (female): We´re still trying to figure that out. All we know is that they were wonder children, geniuses at a young age. They all inherited money from their parents, we think, a lot of money.

Criminal detective (male): And they used this money to fund a criminal empire?

Criminal detective (female): Funding organized crime throughout the world, receiving a large percentage of the loot in return.

Criminal detective (male): And the whole wonderland thing?

Criminal detective (female): Their organization was called Wonderland, they all used nicknames from the story, such as Hatter, Alice, Rabbit etc. They also spoke in codes, or at least in a way so that we couldn’t understand their communication.

Criminal detective (male): Huh ?

Criminal detective (female): They spoke like they do in wonderland, it seemed like Childs play at first, but it ended up occupying our best minds to try and break them.

Criminal detective (male): Did they succeed?

Criminal detective (female): Yes and no. They came to the conclusion that the letters weren’t scrambled in any way, but that the whole thing was like an insider joke. You had to understand it to understand it so to speak.

Criminal detective (male): Why do you think they killed themselves?

Criminal detective (female): Someone broke their code

The light fade out and we move on to scene 2.

Scene 2 Rabbits run-off

The screen shows "6 months ago"
The boy is sitting cross-legged in the middle of the scene with a turned on laptop on the floor in front of him. The big screen is displaying a conversation between Alice and Hatter, the scene consists of the conversation being typed,

Hatter: Did rabbit show up for tea?

Alice: no, he didn't, and he´s normally so punctual

Hatter: can he have had an acquaintance with the queen?

Alice: Maybe, but he hasn't told me anything

Hatter: What about cat, did you speak to him? He normally knows what rabbit´s up to

Alice: He normally knows what everybody´s up to.

Hatter: Indeed, so he knew where he was?

Alice: More or less, he said that he saw rabbit heading towards the queen´s regime.

Hatter: He might be in trouble then!

Alice: No, she hasn't shuffled the cards yet, she isn´t ready to play

Hatter: So Rabbit is safe?

Alice: For now, but we will have to be careful from now on.

Hatter: i would say that we keep ourselves hidden quite well

Alice: Indeed Hatter, but the queen have eyes everywhere, and she´s quite the chess player

Hatter: i know, now don't you worry about me, worry about finding rabbit

Alice: Indeed, ill ask cat, he always have some good advice

Hatter: And ill go have myself a cup of tea

Hatter went offline

Alice went offline

The boy closes the laptop and walks off the stage, the light fades out and we move on to scene 3

Scene 3 Obsessive suspect
The screen shows "5 months ago"
The manly criminal-detective is standing in the middle of the scene, looking out on the audience. Behind him the screen is showing a picture of the international bank of Munich, germany.
Detective (male): What you see behind me is one of the most secure banks in the world. The international bank of Munich.

He stops for a second and gestures at the picture

Detective (male): Three days ago someone stole jewels and art with a total value of 5 billion US$.

Detective (male): At first it seemed like the perfect crime, no fingerprints, no hair-strands and the security-tapes were clean. But as my good friend and co-worker were inspecting the boxes that had been robbed, she came across something strange. Why don't you come up here and tell them.

The female detective walks up on stage and stands beside the other detective

Detective (Female): As i was investigating the boxes, i came across a strange pattern on the back of the boxes. At first i thought nothing of it, but a good detective doesn't just let a detail go, so i investigated. As it turned out, every single empty box had a different back than the full boxes. We then preformed a drilling and after several meters of digging, we came across a tunnel, digged by the robbers. They had disabled the alarm and drilled to the areas behind the boxes, then filled up the holes afterwards.

She takes a short break

Detective (Female): A perfect crime, almost. We followed the tunnels back to an abandoned building-site, from there their traces were easy to follow back to an apartment on Maxmillianstraße. We got every single one of the robbers. The only thing we didn't get, the money. The money were gone. When we asked, the only thing they could say was that it had been stolen.

Detective (Male): 5 billion dollars gone over night, no traces, no leads and no suspects.

Detective (Female): Not true, we have one suspect.

Detective (Male): No we do not

Detective (Female): Yes we do, and you know it

Detective (Male): NO! You have a suspect, an obsessive subject

Detective (Female): Are you calling me obsessive now?

Detective (Male): This presentation is over, I'm sorry for the early ending

Detective (Female): Sure you are
Both detectives walk of the stage, the lights go out and we move on to scene 4
Scene 4 Failed

The screen shows "4 months ago".
A blonde girl is standing leaned against the back wall, talking on a old Nokia cellphone.

Girl: Theres no tea for you in wonderland, theres no sugar for people who mangle with the queens men. Especially not when were on the brink of a game of cards, our minds must be clear. But what good is a clear mind if you cannot trust your cards?

Girl: Haha no, theres no such things as a safe-house for traitors, no fortress for queens men.

Girl: Well I'm sorry to hear that, i truly am, but that is what happens. When you play chess with the queen, you loose, especially if you play by the rules. Send my regards to your friend, i hope she´ll let you keep your heads. Oh and while you´re at it, send my regards to the queen to, she´ll be listening I'm sure.

Girl hangs up and walks off the stage. The lights go out and the scene changes.
Now two men and a black-haired girl are sitting around a table, one to her right and one to her left, the one on the left is holding a cellphone to his ear. I the corner of the room a man in suit and sunglasses is standing.

Man (Left): But she´ll kill us, both of us.

He listens for a moment then lies the phone on the table and looks on the girl

Man (Left): She sends her regards, to both of you.

Girl: I thought she would

She puts her hands on the table, getting up from her chair as she does.

Girl: You´ve failed me, and is of no further use to me

Man (right): But we did what you asked of us!

Girl: I asked you to give me wonderland, and i don't seem to have it

Man (right): But we tried. You know they don't let anyone past their masquerade, not a single person.

Girl: Well in that case

She takes a short break, both the men look relived

Girl: You still failed me.

The girls the walks of stage, when shes gone, the big man in the corner draws a gun from his jacket and shoot both men at the table, he then puts the gun back in his jacket pocket, the walks off stage, same way as the girl.

Scene 5 Code or games?

The screen shows "3 months ago"
Three men in white jackets are looking on the big screen, which is displaying a group conversation between "Hatter, Alice, Rabbit and cat" one of them has glasses, another one is wearing a leather cap and the third man has a shoulder bag slung over his shoulder

The conversation reads:

Hatter: Lets have a cup of tea

Alice: indeed, its about time we got to try out my new tea-set

Cat: But we have to move quick, the queen is on to us and we cant stay in the same place twice.

Rabbit: Let meet at the entrance to wonderland, no one will expect us there, no one ever goes there

Hatter: Indeed, ill bring the tea

Alice: and ill bring the cups.

-Group closed-

Scientist (glasses): What exactly is this?

Scientist (cap): A conversation between a criminal group known as wonderland

Scientist (glasses): Which is?

Scientist (Bag): A criminal organization that funds organized crime all over the world

Scientist (glasses): Tell me more

Scientist (cap) Theres not much to tell. as far as we know they are a group of four individuals, who has nicknamed themselves after characters from wonderland, and started funding crime in the year 2008 under the name Wonderland, no other aliases are known.

Scientist (bag): And we´re not even sure about the year, but we believe that their first project was the casino robbery on the 4th of july. Where almost every casino in the world was robbed of about 50 bucks. Not a lot for the casinos, but it sure was a lot for the ones who set up the theft.

Scientist (glasses): So your telling me that this group, this Wonderland. Was funding the operation?

Scientist (Cap): And made quite the profit from it

Scientist (glasses): I see

Scientist (bag): Thats not all

Scientist (glasses): Theres more?

Scientist (bag): Yes, we believe these people to be nothing more than children

Scientist (cap): Teenagers, not more than 10 or 11 when they started, but we´re not sure

Scientist (glasses): You've got to be kidding me!

Scientist (cap): As we said, we´re not sure, but their whole organization and communication form is highly imaginative. We don't think adults would have the imagination to set this whole thing up

Scientist (bag): But of course these are only speculations. We have no actual facts on these people

Scientist (glasses): Non at all?

Scientist (bag): Nothing, and we've been looking, trust me

Scientist (glasses): Seems like you guys know it all, what do you need me for?

Scientist (cap): your our best man when it comes to codes

Scientist (glasses): I might be, but this isn´t a code, this right here is some speculated child´s play

The lights fade out and we move on to scene 6

Scene 6 Fire

The screen shows "2 months ago".
The girl from before is sitting at a desk, to her right is lying a telephone and in front of her is a tiny speaker.

Girl: Sir, we have to stop them

Speaker: And why is that?

Girl: They are stealing from our business! If we let them go on, they will eventually outmatch us

Speaker: Is that so?

Girl: Yes, They have already stolen two of our best clients

Speaker: Don´t you have some men inside?

Girl: No. i was forced to, fire them, quite literally in fact

Speaker: Hmmm

Girl: Sir?

Speaker: Quiet!

Girl: Yes sir!

A pause of one minute follows

Speaker: You have two months. If they're still alive at after that you leave them alone. Understood?

Girl: Yes sir

The speaker turns off. The girl then grabs the phone and dials a number

Girl: I want everybody on them, now

Girl: Yes now, we have two months to finish this

Girl: I just spoke with him

Girl: No we´re fine, just get this done, quickly

Girl: What! Im not obsessed, i just don't want a bunch of kids outsmarting us.

Girl: Just do it. Now!

The girl then reach inside her jacket and pull out a folded paper. As shes unfolding it she accidentally show it to the audience, its a picture of the boy known as hatter. She sets the paper on fire using a lighter from her other jacket pocket. As it burns she slowly starts laughing higher and higher as the lights turn down so the fire becomes more and more visible. At one point the fire goes out and we move on to scene 7

Scene 7 Meeting

The screen shows "One month ago"
Hatter is sitting at a table along with Alice, Cat and Rabbit

Cat: The queen is a skilled player, I'm afraid were losing this game

Hatter: Not at all cat, we´re merely being forced to play our trumps-card

Rabbit: The preparations aren´t ready yet, the sugar has not yet arrived

Alice: Then we´ll wait, no sugar no tea

Hatter: Indeed, we must play her game, make it look like we´re loosing

Alice: She won´t be fooled easily, shes a smart player

Cat: She´ll be blinded by her pride, you know how obsessed she is with us

Rabbit: I agree, the queen might be skilled, but she wont be able to resist rushing

Cat: She has to, the king gave her two months

Alice: Non the less, its imperative that we wait until the last possible second

Hatter: I say that we leave now and prepare individually. The necessaries will be arriving shortly, both the pill and the plant. Remember that we have to keep in contact to keep our timing timed, so to speak.

Everybody gets up

Rabbit: Now now friends, we must be careful with whom we speak to, i suggest that we´ll close business a couple of days until this game is at an end

Cat: I´ll get right on it. now this might be the last we see of each other before the final move, i wish you all the best of luck

Everybody nods and the they all walk off the stage in different directions, we move on to scene 8

Scene 8 Letter
The screen shows "3 weeks ago"
The two criminal detectives from earlier is sitting at a table, facing each other. The girl is sitting with her head between her hands, shaking it slowly. The man has a worrying look on his face.

Detective (Male): All I'm saying is that you have to stop now, you've done what you can.

Detective (Female): No. I haven't. I haven't caught them yet. They're still out there.

Detective (Male): You have to stop! Theres nothing in this for you, you'll end up chasing an illusive organization. Theres so much else you can do with your talent.

Detective (Female): They're not illusive! They're real

The male slams his fist on the table

Detective (Male): No, the only thing thats real are some 14 year old boy playing games with you, nothing more.

Detective (Female): Its not. You've seen the conversations, and you know they are to complex to be just child-s-play.

Detective (Male): You're making it something it isn't

Detective (Female): Im not making anything up. They're real and they have been funding crime for years. Why cant you see what i can?

Detective (Male): Because neither can anyone else. Sure you got a few scientist looking at some of the "conversations". No you forced them to. And they say child play too.

Detective (Female): Then what is this!

She pulls a letter from inside her jacket and slams it down at the table in front of her.

Detective (Male): What is this?

Detective (Female): This letter was sent to me privately about 3 weeks ago

Detective (Male): And you haven't told anyone? why?

Detective (Female): As i said, it was sent to me privately, not anyones business but mine

Detective (Male): So why are you showing me this now?

Detective (Female): You're giving me no other choice. I have to make you believe me. I cant do this alone.

The man reads the letter. As he does, the lights fade out and we move on to scene 9
Scene 9 Memories

The screen shows "2 weeks ago"
Alice and Hatter is sitting on the floor in the middle of the stage.

Alice: Do you think that we'll finally be forced to do it

Hatter: Maybe, right now it sure looks like it

Alice sighs and leans back, looking up on the roof

Alice: Its nice sometimes. Being able to step out of my role as Alice, being able to just be myself for a couple of hours.

Hatter: Indeed, if you stay in a role to long you end up becoming that role. Thats what happened to the queen

Alice: You remember that we used to play games at her house when we were younger?

Hatter: Yeah, that was before the whole wonderland thing

Alice: Do you remember that day where she called me Alice for the first time outside our games?

Hatter: Yes, back then we believed it to be just another trick of hers. Now look were we're at today

Alice: Do you even remember her real name?

Hatter: No, and she doesn't either. Mother used to say it all the time. Especially in the last few months before we moved. She always got so angry when we called her by her real name.

Alice: I remember that day. Mom was crying, and she were yelling that she would eventually cut off all of our heads

Hatter: I remember mom screaming her name when she walked out the door. How can we not remember it?

Theres a pause of about a minute

Alice: Her name was Melody

Hatter: Huh?

Alice: Her name was Melody. I remember that when she walked out the door we all ran after her, all except mom at least. We were all whistling her melody, the melody mom made for her. Remember it?

Hatter starts whistling a melody and Alice soon falls in, as they're whistling the lights fade out and we move on to scene 10
Scene 10 Will she ever be herself?

The screen shows "1 week ago"
Cat is sitting at a desk facing the audience. In front of him is placed three computers, all turned on. Cat is rapidly typing on different keyboards with his right hand, with his left hand he's holding a phone to his ear.

Cat: Yes. A little bird is telling me their plans.

Cat: No, they have not yet discovered our rabbits hole. But they're close, they know far more than they should

Cat: About a week, no more at least.

Cat: No, we cant. They found the key and the keyhole. Theres nothing we can do now.

Cat: It does seem like thats our only option left

Cat: No they have no idea about our triumph

Cat: she's as obsessed as ever

A short pause

Cat: Do you guys think she'll ever be herself again?

Cat: Maybe, but we cant do anything for her now

Cat: Ok, now remember the plan. If your guest doesn't show for tea, you drink it yourself

Cat clicks a final button on one of the computers, then he leans back in his chair, sighing as he do so. After a few minutes the phone on his desk starts ringing, he picks it up in a flash.

Cat: Hello?

He then listens for several minutes, his face growing more and more shocked. At one point he slowly puts the phone down. Then he leans over the table, head in hands.
The lights then fade out and we move on to scene 11

Scene 11 A cup of tea

The screen shows "6 days ago"
Alice is seated at a table with a man whom we haven't seen before. They are both drinking tea out of small cups.

Man: Im quite surprised. Its been a while, i thought my business with you was done

Alice: Ah well, its so sad drinking tea alone

Man: Indeed, but I'm suspecting you of having some sort of motive with this meeting

Alice: You've always been a smart man

Man: So what do i owe the honor?

Alice: Do you remember the time when you where our man in England?

Man: Indeed

Alice: Do you remember what you were doing there?

Man: Yes, i were supervising two smugglers. They were smuggling poison if i remember correctly

Alice: You are. Do you remember what your last job was?

Man: Yes, i had to feed them their own goods

Alice: And you succeeded?

Man: Yes

Alice: Thats fun

Man: Why?

Alice: Cause i got a call from one of them not very long ago, they were working with the queen

Man: Uhhhhhh, thats weird, someone must have found them and rescued them

Alice: Yeah, someone must have found them. You perhaps?

Man: No! I gave them the poison as i was supposed to

Alice: Im sure you did

Man suddenly stares at his cup with a terrified look

Man: What did you do?

Alice: I mixed an extra spice in your tea, nothing more

Man: What spice?

Alice: I got it all the way from England

Man: Whats it called?

There follows a short break, the man starts to look ill. Alice then leans forward towards the man

Alice: I think its called arsenic, but I'm not sure. Why don't you ask your smuggler friends, they probably still have a few crates lying around.

Another break follows. The man then falls down from his chair. When he's lying on the ground he starts having cramps. Alice gets up and starts walking off the stage, after a few steps she stops and looks back at the man on the floor.

Alice: Adios

She then walks off the stage. A few seconds pass, then the man lies still. The lights fade out and we move on to scene 12

Scene 12 Poison
The screen shows "5 days ago"
The two detectives are standing besides the dead body from scene 11.

Detective (Female): Do you believe me now?

Detective (Male): Im starting to see it

Detective (Female): This man was the head behind the poison smuggling in England a few years ago, the official head at least.

Detective (Male): Im not gonna guess whom you believe to be the unofficial head

Detective (Female): Isn't it obvious?

A short pause follows

Detective (Female): How did he die?

Detective (Male): Arsenic poisoning, probably from the tea on the table

Detective (Female): Tea, funny

Detective (Male): It does fit their image quite well

Detective (Female): Do you remember what poisons was being smuggled back in England?

Detective (Male): Arsenic

A short pause

Detective (Female): He was killed with the same thing he used to smuggle. The only question left is, why did he have to die?

Detective (Male): Maybe cause his operation was discovered

Detective (Female): No, it was never known who was behind the smuggling, no i think its more sinister than that.

another pause

Detective (Female): Do you remember the two criminals who robbed a jewelry store a few months ago?

Detective (Male): Yes?

Detective (Female): They robbed a few other high class stores around Manhattan and i have believed them to be funded by Wonderland for quite some time.

Detective (Male): You think its them who killed him?

Detective (Female): Oh no quite the opposite in fact. I see now that they weren't funded by wonderland but by the queen, as they call her. I think that this man were supposed to kill them back in England, but didn't, cause he was also one of the queens men. I think that wonderland discovered this betrayal and killed this man, you know, to avoid loose ends.

Detective (Male): Hmmmmmm, that would explain some things here and there

Detective (Female): So, what do you think? you think that could be the solution?

Detective (Male): Indeed, but we need more evidence before we can place any charges

Detective (Female): Yes, but now we know where to look

Detective (Male): We're done here, you guys can clean him up

The detectives walk off stage and 4 people in white coats go up and carry the body off stage in the same direction as the detectives. The lights fade out and we move on to scene 13

Scene 13 Melody

The screen shows "4 days ago"
The queen is sitting at a table looking through some papers, to her left is a turned on laptop. After a little time a man in in a coat enters her room, he has a disk in her hand.

Man: I think you might want to have a look at this

Queen: What is it?

Man: An hour ago we received a encrypted file on our email, it took us a little time to crack the encryption.

Queen: What does the file contain?

Man: Your name and a sound file

Queen: Give me the disk and leave

The man gives her the disk and walks off the stage. When he's gone, the queen puts the disk in her computer and presses a button on the keyboard. When she does, the same melody as Hatter and Alice were whistling earlier. When the melody starts the queen gets a shocked look on her face. When its done she presses a button on her computer

Queen: Martin, get in here

A few seconds pass, then the man from before enters the stage

Man: What is it?

Queen: Who send you this file?

Man: I don't know, as i said, its encrypted

Queen: I thought you broke the encryption

Man: Yes, but theres a secondary encryption protecting the senders identity

Queen: How long will it take?

Man: Quite some time, the lock is coded to an unknown melody, it could take days to break

Queen: You wont need that long. Just type in the melody from the disk, it'll open the lock

Man: How can you be sure?

Queen: Because i know who sent it.

Man: How?

Queen: I just know!

Man: Very well, but if your wrong, we cant break it

Queen: Im not, just do it and trace it to a location. Now!

The man nods and leaves the room. When he's gone, the queen rests her head in her hands. The lights then fade out and we move on to scene 14

Scene 14 Preparations

The screen shows "3 days ago"
The stage is empty and the lights are turned off, so is the screen. After a few seconds the screen turns on, displaying another Skype conversation between the Wonderland group as its getting typed out.

Hatter: Did she follow our discrete lead?

Rabbit: Indeed Hatter, she send all of her cards after us, we escaped without any problems

Alice: Did she find the picture?

Rabbit: Indeed, our portrait did not go unnoticed

Hatter: What were her actions?

Cat: She hasn't left her private quarters yet

Alice: Our little trick must have turned her tea sour

Hatter: Lets hope she stays there ti'll its her time

Rabbit: She will, she's wont be able to play for a couple of days

Cat: But that doesn't change anything, our triumph must still be played

Alice: Of course, no doubt there

Rabbit: I trust that you've all received the ingredients by now

Hatter: Yes, both the tea and the sugar

Rabbit: Marvelous, everything is proceeding as planned, we are not far from the end

Alice: Lets just hope it isn't our end

Cat: It wont be. They will simply find us, put us in treatment, we can just walk straight out

Rabbit: The sugar will last just the right amount of time, they wont know a thing

Hatter: You're quite proud of your spices aren't you Rabbit?

Rabbit: I am simply pleased that its finally my time to be a genius

Alice: You wont ever be a genius Rabbit, you're too focused on carrots

Rabbit: Very funny, we both know that thats a lie

Cat: Please don't start one of these rants, we don't have the time
Hatter: He's right. As much as i would love to see you to fight for a couple of minutes, we don't have the time

Cat: Remember the plan, when the clock is full you send a message, has it not been answered before half a tea party has past, you must drink the tea alone.

Alice: We know cat, you've said it a thousand times

Rabbit: Everything is set, all we need now is the sign and we'll be on our way

Hatter: Sounds to me as though we have everything in place

Cat: Indeed, now we must be on our way, these days are dangerous, watch out

The group is closed

The lights then fade out and we move on to scene 15

Scene 15 Sorry

The screen shows "2 days ago
The light are almost turned off, the female detective is sitting at a computer in the middle of the stage close to the back wall. Shes typing on the keyboard and starring at the screen unblinking. After a minute the male detective walks up on the stage and leans against the back wall a few meters to her left, he's holding a jacket in his right hand.

Detective (male): Still working huh?

The female gasps and sits upright

Detective (female): I didn't hear you coming

Detective (male): I'll try making more noise next time around

Detective (female): Why are you here?

Detective (male): Forgot my jacket

Detective (female): oh

Detective (male): You're working on the case aren't you

She nods

Detective (male): You should take a break, you've been working over 9 hours overtime just the last three day.

She nods again

Detective (male): Don't you have a boyfriend who miss you?

She shakes her head, he sighs

Detective (male): Your done working now, you aren't getting anywhere anyway.

She sighs and turns off the computer

Detective (female): ok

Detective (male): Need a ride home?

Detective (female): That would be nice, thanks

Detective (male): Hey don't worry about it, between friends right?

She smiles and gets up, they start walking off stage

Detective (female): Between friends.

The walk off stage. After half a minute a man dressed completely in black creeps onto stage in the opposite site of where they went out. He sneaks up to the computer, turns it on and plugs a little usb in the side of it. After a little while reading the screen he says

Thief: Sorry

He then clicks a few buttons and the screen dies. The light turn off and we move on to scene 16

Scene 16 The king

The screen shows "1 day ago"
Alice is sitting at a table reading the paper, occasionally drinking of a mug. After a minute her phone rings, she gets off her chair and walks around on stage as she picks up the phone.

Alice: Hello, Alice here

After a few seconds she suddenly stops, gets a terrified look on her face and drops the mug. After another couple she answers in a whispering voice

Alice: Hello sir, what do you want

Alice: No, we haven't

Alice: We wouldn't dream of it

Alice: We never did

Alice: Not in a million years

Alice: I told you, we never did

Alice: Okay sir, see you soon

She slowly sits down and puts the phone on the table with shivering hands. She the puts her head in her hands and her shoulders starts shaking, gently. After half a minute straightens out quickly dries her eyes with her sleeve and picks up her phone. On the screen you can see her typing and sending the message "The king called, we have to move, NOW" after she's send it she gets up and walk off stage, after a minute she comes back with what looks like a leaf, a red pill, a fresh mug, a grinder and a gun. she puts all of it on the table and sits down. The lights fade out and we move on to scene 17

Scene 17 Death

The screen shows "1 hour ago"
Hatter is sitting on the floor in the middle of the stage, cross legged, besides him is the same objects as the ones Alice had, a leaf, a red pill, a mug, a grinder and a gun his computer is standing in front of him.
On the screen behind him you can see the conversation between Hatter and Alice. Hatter types in the message “Alice where are you? The tea is running cold” and sends it. The screen then shows a digital clock, it says "16.00".
Hatter starts preparing the leaf by putting in the grinder, the pours it in the cup. He then goes off stage with the grinder and comes back without it. The digital clock the starts counting fast, a minute per second until its says "16.30".
Hatter then drinks the content of the mug, eats the pill and puts the gun in his mouth. Then, without pulling the trigger he pretends he shot him self and he collapses on the floor into the same position as he was lying in in the first scene. He closes his eyes

Scene 18

Hatter is lying on the side on a table facing the audience, behind him two men in white coats are examining him. After a minute the walk off stage. Another minute then passes. Then hatter opens his eyes. He gets up to a seated position and shakes his body. He then gets off the table and walks off the stage, the walks to the front of the stage, leaning against it. He the pulls out his phone and dials a number

Hatter: Alice?

Hatter: Wonderful, you made it too

Hatter: Yes the drug worked as it should. It stopped my heart for precisely 24 hours, the blood capsule with my blood in it worked perfectly too.

Hatter: Yes they believed the gun as well, for them we all committed suicide.

Hatter: Yes, Rabbit really overdid himself this time.

Hatter: Yes, regroup at the rabbits hole.

He then stops and looks up in the roof, as though he's looking at the sky.

Hatter: And then were off to save sis

The lights the fade out and the play is over

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