A theater script Im writing on, the first ever.

Basically this group called wonderland is found dead, suicide all round.
So we start at the end and then we teleport 6 months back in time, and start working our way towards the conclusion, answering some questions on the way. And hopefully creating some too.


8. Scene 8 No choice

Scene 8

The screen shows "3 weeks ago"
The two criminal detectives from earlier is sitting at a table, facing each other. The girl is sitting with her head between her hands, shaking it slowly. The man has a worrying look on his face.

Detective (Male): All I'm saying is that you have to stop now, you've done what you can.

Detective (Female): No. I haven't. I haven't caught them yet. They're still out there.

Detective (Male): You have to stop! Theres nothing in this for you, you'll end up chasing an illusive organization. Theres so much else you can do with your talent.

Detective (Female): They're not illusive! They're real

The male slams his fist on the table

Detective (Male): No, the only thing thats real are some 14 year old boy playing games with you, nothing more.

Detective (Female): Its not. You've seen the conversations, and you know they are to complex to be just child-s-play.

Detective (Male): You're making it something it isn't

Detective (Female): Im not making anything up. They're real and they have been funding crime for years. Why cant you see what i can?

Detective (Male): Because neither can anyone else

Detective (Female): Then what is this!

She pulls a letter from inside her jacket and slams it down at the table in front of her.

Detective (Male): What is this?

Detective (Female): This letter was sent to me privately about 3 weeks ago

Detective (Male): And you haven't told anyone? why?

Detective (Female): As i said, it was sent to me privately, not anyones business but mine

Detective (Male): So why are you showing me this now?

Detective (Female): You're giving me no other choice. I have to make you believe me. I cant do this alone.

The man reads the letter. As he does, the ligts fade out and we move on to scene 9
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