A theater script Im writing on, the first ever.

Basically this group called wonderland is found dead, suicide all round.
So we start at the end and then we teleport 6 months back in time, and start working our way towards the conclusion, answering some questions on the way. And hopefully creating some too.


17. Scene 17 Death

Scene 17 Death

The screen shows "1 hour ago"
Hatter is sitting on the floor in the middle of the stage, cross legged, besides him is the same objects as the ones Alice had, a leaf, a red pill, a mug, a grinder and a gun his computer is standing in front of him.
On the screen behind him you can see the conversation between Hatter and Alice. Hatter types in the message “Alice where are you? The tea is running cold” and sends it. The screen then shows a digital clock, it says "16.00".
Hatter starts preparing the leaf by putting in the grinder, the pours it in the cup. He then goes off stage with the grinder and comes back without it. The digital clock the starts counting fast, a minute per second until its says "16.30".
Hatter then drinks the content of the mug, eats the pill and puts the gun in his mouth. Then, without pulling the trigger he pretends he shot him self and he collapses on the floor into the same position as he was lying in in the first scene. He closes his eyes
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