A theater script Im writing on, the first ever.

Basically this group called wonderland is found dead, suicide all round.
So we start at the end and then we teleport 6 months back in time, and start working our way towards the conclusion, answering some questions on the way. And hopefully creating some too.


15. Scene 15 Sorry

Scene 15 Sorry

The screen shows "2 days ago
The light are almost turned off, the female detective is sitting at a computer in the middle of the stage close to the back wall. Shes typing on the keyboard and starring at the screen unblinking. After a minute the male detective walks up on the stage and leans against the back wall a few meters to her left, he's holding a jacket in his right hand.

Detective (male): Still working huh?

The female gasps and sits upright

Detective (female): I didn't hear you coming

Detective (male): I'll try making more noise next time around

Detective (female): Why are you here?

Detective (male): Forgot my jacket

Detective (female): oh

Detective (male): You're working on the case aren't you

She nods

Detective (male): You should take a break, you've been working over 9 hours overtime just the last three day.

She nods again

Detective (male): Don't you have a boyfriend who miss you?

She shakes her head, he sighs

Detective (male): Your done working now, you aren't getting anywhere anyway.

She sighs and turns off the computer

Detective (female): ok

Detective (male): Need a ride home?

Detective (female): That would be nice, thanks

Detective (male): Hey don't worry about it, between friends right?

She smiles and gets up, they start walking off stage

Detective (female): Between friends.

The walk off stage. After half a minute a man dressed completely in black creeps onto stage in the opposite site of where they went out. He sneaks up to the computer, turns it on and plugs a little usb in the side of it. After a little while reading the screen he says

Thief: Sorry

He then clicks a few buttons and the screen dies. The light turn off and we move on to scene 16
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