A theater script Im writing on, the first ever.

Basically this group called wonderland is found dead, suicide all round.
So we start at the end and then we teleport 6 months back in time, and start working our way towards the conclusion, answering some questions on the way. And hopefully creating some too.


13. Scene 13 Melody

Scene 13 Melody

The screen shows "4 days ago"
The queen is sitting at a table looking through some papers, to her left i a turned on laptop. After a little time a man in in a coat enters her room, he has a disk in her hand.

Man: I think you might want to have a look at this

Queen: What is it?

Man: An hour ago we received a encrypted file on our email, it took us a little time to crack the encryption.

Queen: What does the file contain?

Man: Your name and a sound file

Queen: Give me the disk and leave

The man gives her the disk and walks off the stage. When he's gone, the queen puts the disk in her computer and presses a button on the keyboard. When she does, the same melody as Hatter and Alice were whistling earlier. When the melody starts the queen gets a shocked look on her face. When its done she presses a button on her computer

Queen: Martin, get in here

A few seconds pass, then the man from before enters the stage

Man: What is it?

Queen: Who send you this file?

Man: I don't know, as i said, its encrypted

Queen: I thought you broke the encryption

Man: Yes, but theres a secondary encryption protecting the senders identity

Queen: How long will it take?

Man: Quite some time, the lock is coded to an unknown melody, it could take days to break

Queen: You wont need that long. Just type in the melody from the disk, it'll open the lock

Man: How can you be sure?

Queen: Because i know who sent it.

Man: How?

Queen: I just know!

Man: Very well, but if your wrong, we cant break it

Queen: Im not, just do it and trace it to a location. Now!

The man nods and leaves the room. When he's gone, the queen rests her head in her hands. The lights then fade out and we move on to scene 13
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