A theater script Im writing on, the first ever.

Basically this group called wonderland is found dead, suicide all round.
So we start at the end and then we teleport 6 months back in time, and start working our way towards the conclusion, answering some questions on the way. And hopefully creating some too.


10. Scene 10 Will she ever be herself?

Scene 10 Will she ever be herself?

Cat is sitting at a desk facing the audience. In front of him is placed three computers, all turned on. Cat is rapidly typing on different keyboards with his right hand, with his left hand he's holding a phone to his ear.

Cat: Yes. A little bird is telling me their plans.

Cat: No, they have not yet discovered our rabbits hole. But they're close, they know far more than they should

Cat: About a week, no more at least.

Cat: No, we cant. They found the key and the keyhole. Theres nothing we can do now.

Cat: It does seem like that our only option left

Cat: No they have no idea about our triumph

Cat: she's as obsessed as ever

A short pause

Cat: Do you guys think she'll ever be herself again?

Cat: Maybe, but we cant do anything for her now

Cat: Ok, now remember the plan. If your guest doesn't show for tea, you drink it yourself

Cat clicks a final button on one of the computers, then he leans back in his chair, sighing as he do so. After a few minutes the phone on his desk starts ringing, he picks it up in a flash.

Cat: Hello?

He then listens for several minutes, his face growing more and more shocked. At one point he slowly puts the phone down. Then he leans over the table, head in hands.
The lights then fade out and we move on to scene 11
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