A theater script Im writing on, the first ever.

Basically this group called wonderland is found dead, suicide all round.
So we start at the end and then we teleport 6 months back in time, and start working our way towards the conclusion, answering some questions on the way. And hopefully creating some too.


1. Scene 1 A bloody discovery


Act 1, Wonderland crackles


Scene 1, a bloody discovery

A boy (the main character) is laying in the middle of the scene, blood is running from his mouth and there´s a gun lying beside him, his eyes are closed and he appears dead.
In front of him there´s a turned-on laptop, and on the big screen on the wall is a picture of a Skype conversation between someone called Alice, and the boy himself, his name is listed as Hatter. The screen shows that the last message send was from the boy (Hatter), which reads “Alice where are you? The tea is running cold”. It was sent 30 minutes ago and has not been answered.
A criminal detective is standing beside the boy, inspecting the body. As the lights turn on another criminal detective (a girl), walks up on the scene, and stands beside him.


Criminal detective (female): Report?

Criminal detective (male): He killed himself.

Criminal detective (female): I can see that…

Criminal detective (male): My guess would be that he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, instant death.

Criminal detective (female): Heartbeat?

Criminal detective (male): None.

Criminal detective (female): And the computer? What does it say?

Criminal detective (male): Another Wonderland conversation. I think he was the last.

Criminal detective (female): Indeed. The girl, I think she were the one called Alice, was found about an hour ago in a small shed downtown, same condition as the boy. And the twins, Hatter and Cat, were found besides each other, again same condition.

Criminal detective (male): Where are they now?

Criminal detective (female): All the bodies are kept at the Bellevue hospital for examination.

Criminal detective (male): Do you think this is the end of Wonderland?

Criminal detective (female): I certainly hope so, I’m tired of this affair.

Criminal detective (male): Me too. Did we ever found out who they really were?

Criminal detective (female): No, there were no records of anyone of them, and their associates knew them only as Wonderland, very few even knew their individual nicknames.

Criminal detective (male): I don’t get it, how can teenagers even do this?

Criminal detective (female): We´re still trying to figure that out. All we know is that they were wonder children, geniuses at a young age. They all inherited money from their parents, we think, a lot of money.

Criminal detective (male): And they used this money to fund a criminal empire?

Criminal detective (female): Funding organized crime throughout the world, receiving a large percentage of the loot in return.

Criminal detective (male): And the whole wonderland thing?

Criminal detective (female): Their organization was called Wonderland, they all used nicknames from the story, such as Hatter, Alice, Rabbit etc. They also spoke in codes, or at least in a way so that we couldn’t understand their communication.

Criminal detective (male): Huh ?

Criminal detective (female): They spoke like they do in wonderland, it seemed like Childs play at first, but it ended up occupying our best minds to try and break them.

Criminal detective (male): Did they succeed?

Criminal detective (female): Yes and no. They came to the conclusion that the letters weren’t scrambled in any way, but that the whole thing was like an insider joke. You had to understand it to understand it so to speak.

Criminal detective (male): Why do you think they killed themselves?

Criminal detective (female): Someone broke their code

The light fade out and we move on to scene 2.

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