Last summer with you

the noes became louder and louder until it was unbearable. i walked slowly but steady to the window. i drew back the window shad when i found a note with my name on it! it said my name emma in letters cut out of news papers. it had a red string around it. now this couldnt be my boy friend jake cuz he lived an hour away and was getting ready for school tomorrow. i placed my guitar on the cold wall of my basement and opened the window and polled the note away from the bush. i opened it and it said follow these 5 easy steps.
1.there will be a package delivered to your house tomorrow after school make shore only u see it
2.use what you found in the package the next day at school
3.there will be a visitor at your house on September 7
4.listen to what the visitor says carefully
5.the last one will be a mystery until you find the diary
p.s. if you do not follow these easy steps some thing will happen
folded the note and garbed my guitar ran up the steps.


1. Last day of summer

It was the last day of summer rainy and not how I wanted to spend my day.
Stuck inside laying on my bed Listining to emmenem.
The thunder was different more distinkt and lightning was brighter.
School was tomarrow and it sucks. On the bright side I get to see my boyfriend
Jake. We have bin going out since 6th grade he was the most popular guy in school.
He played basketball and football. But this year semed diferent it was 7th grad drama started before school even started. I plopped down on my bed put my blake glasses on my brown curly hair fell perfect to my face. I took my guitar out ad wrote a song to let out some stress of the new school year I loved to play guitar and photography is my dream. My guitar was out of tune so I went to the basment and retunned it when I hear a sudden scratching my window...
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