Same Mistakes *Finished*

18 year old Jackie is orignally from New Jersey, she moved to England about a year ago. She misses her friends and her twin sisters Mekayla and Allie. She moved down here because she was tired of being bossed around and bullied in school. Then she goes to a One Direction concert and somehow gets a backstage pass. Jackie and Zayn really hit it off but her mom was diagnosed with leukemia but she does not want to go what will happen to Zayn? What will happen to Jackie's mom. What will happen to Jackie? Find out in this suspenseful story. I hope you like it! And this is my first story!! (I would love to hear what you think).


11. Why didn't she tell us

Mekayla's POV

I ran into my room shoving my face into my pillow. Then Jackie came in. I screamed "GET OUT" And punched her in the eye and she yelped in pain. "OH MY GOD!" I said "I AM SO SORRY!" "I-it's ok." She said with tears in her eyes. "I didn't know either niether did Allie!" She said "I know.." Jackie uncover her eye and she had a black eye! "Uh.. Jackie?" "Yes?" She said "You have a black eye." I said. "I don't care!" She said angrily. Allie came in and Jackie covered her eye Allie asked "Why are you covering your eye?" Jackie uncovered it and told Jackie "PUT ICE ON THAT!" "Ok." Jackie said. She left.

Jackie's POV

I walked out with my side bangs covering my eye. Zayn came over to me "Why are your bangs covering your beautiful eyeeye?" Then he uncovered my eye. I yelped. Zayn said "Sit down I will get some ice now i did even bother to cover my eye all of the guys started asking me if I needed anything. I said "It's a black eye not a broken bone!!" Lou said " I know but your vision isn't as good when you have a black eye. I have had one." I said "Well I can still do things for myself then Zayn came back with ice. I shrieked when I put it on my eye. Then it started throbing. Niall went to make Mekayla happier. All of the other guys stayed with me. I said "You don't have to do all of this for me." They all said "WE DO!" I started laughing and said "Why do you guys always do that?" Lou laughed and said "I don't know!" I asked the gguys can we go back tomorrow?  There are too many memories here." They said "Okay." I went in to Mekayla's room and said "I am leaving tomorrow there are too many sad memories here." Mekayla and Allie nodded in understandment. I went to sleep and woke up and 10:00 in the morning and our flight leaves in an hour!! I quickly threw some clothes on and the guys and I drove to the air port after we said good bye to Allie and Mekayla. We got on the plane and when we finally got to England I went to my flat and I went to sleep.

Mekayla's POV

I had a ticket for the same plane but made sure none of them saw me. So I went in last. I also got second class tickets. I sat next to a girl with brown hair and we started talking then she fell asleep. I could finally use my iPhone so I texted Jackie "Hey! I am on the plane with you!" I texted her so she knew in advance because sometime she doesn't like suprizes. Jackie's name on my phone is Gills because her middle name is Gail and she loves the water!

From Gills: WHAT??
To Gills: Yea I got a second class ticket and made sure none of you  saw me so I went in last.
From Gills: You can live in my flat if you want!
To Gills: Thank you I would love that!
From Gills: Well I am trying to et some sleep you should too.
To Gills: Okay! Bye!
From Gills: Bye!

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