Same Mistakes *Finished*

18 year old Jackie is orignally from New Jersey, she moved to England about a year ago. She misses her friends and her twin sisters Mekayla and Allie. She moved down here because she was tired of being bossed around and bullied in school. Then she goes to a One Direction concert and somehow gets a backstage pass. Jackie and Zayn really hit it off but her mom was diagnosed with leukemia but she does not want to go what will happen to Zayn? What will happen to Jackie's mom. What will happen to Jackie? Find out in this suspenseful story. I hope you like it! And this is my first story!! (I would love to hear what you think).


8. "Want to see something..."

Zayn's POV

I wake up the next morning and ate breakfast with Jackie evertone else was at the hospital. "Hello beautiful." "Want to see something cool?" She said. "Of course!" I said. She took my hand and lead me into a garden with tulips every where and daisys I knew thaty daisys were her favorite flower. Then we came to a door in the ground. I asked "Did u make this?" She said "Yes." We went down there was a radio, lights, flowers and pictures of Jackie and another guy. "Who is that?" I asked. "Oh, That is my ex." She said taking the pictures down. And then I asked "What happened?" "He cheated. That is mainly why I moved." She said. "Well, I am happy you met him because I got you." I said then Jackie started blushing and crying. I pulled her I close and hugged her.Then she cried into my chest. Then I put the radio on and we started dancing. Then we went outside and it was raining

Jackie's POV

We got out of the fort I made and it was raining we started dancing to the pitter patter of the rain and it looks like glitter in the air. When it landed on Zayn I thought nothing could be better then this moment Zayn then leaned in and our lips touched. We then run back to the house. Then I got a text from Daddy Direction (Liam)

From Daddy Direction: We just got off the plane in New Jersey!
To Daddy Direction: I am on my way!
From Daddy Direction: Okay we are waiting!

I said "I will be right back!" Zayn said "Okay!!" I go to the airport and pick the guys up in my van. Louis next to me Niall, Liam and Harry in the back. I said "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Louis said "We wanted to suprize you!" "Well you did!" I said. Louis said "How is your mom?" "Not good" I said with tears in my eyes we get back and Zayn was so suprised and an hour later Mekayla and Allie get back. They looked at us and said "Wow you guys do look alike!" Me and the twins laughed and said yea. "Alright so who wants to sleep on the floor?" I said. Niall and Liam raised their hands I said "Zayn are you ok with the couch?" He nodded "Zayn on the couch and Louis gets the extra bed!!" Louis said "You are good at figuring things out!" I said "Thank you!" Then we all went to visit my mom.

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