Same Mistakes *Finished*

18 year old Jackie is orignally from New Jersey, she moved to England about a year ago. She misses her friends and her twin sisters Mekayla and Allie. She moved down here because she was tired of being bossed around and bullied in school. Then she goes to a One Direction concert and somehow gets a backstage pass. Jackie and Zayn really hit it off but her mom was diagnosed with leukemia but she does not want to go what will happen to Zayn? What will happen to Jackie's mom. What will happen to Jackie? Find out in this suspenseful story. I hope you like it! And this is my first story!! (I would love to hear what you think).


14. "Prromise"

*From now on song lyrics will be before every chapter to give you little hints*

"That's whats going on, nothing's fine I'm torn. I'm all out of faith this is how I feel."

Liam's POV

I couldn't go to sleep then I went out to the kitchen to get a glass of water and I heard Jackie say "You can't sleep either?" I said "Yea." "Why can't you sleep?" I thought to myself "Should I tell her I have feelings for her? But she is with Zayn!" I finally said "You promise this won't make our friendship all wierd right?" She said "I promise." I said "I-I-I have feelings for you." She said "Really?" I said embrassed "Yea..." She said "I have feelings for you too!" I was suprized because she was with Zayn. I said "But your with Zayn." She sighed and said "I know... but he wasn't there to comfort me in one of the two worst moments of my life! Was he not and in the second worse moment he wasn't the only one!! And he did even cheer me up!" I said Then why are you stillwith him?" Jackie said "Because I love you and Zayn!! I am so Torn!!"

Zayn's POV

I heard Jackie and Liam's whole conversation and all I was going to do was get a glass of water! I slammed the door and I hear Jackie say "ZAYN WAIT!!" She knocked on the door saying "Zayn let me in!" I screamed "WHY SHOULD I?? I AM NOT THERE FOR YOU!!" Then Liam started knocking too. Then I screamed "JACKIE, WE ARE THROUGH!" I heared her run and grab her keys and leave." I kicked the door and I hurt my ankle."

Jackie's POV

I just wanted to get far away from here then I got a text.

From Daddy Direction: Where are you going?
To Daddy Direction: Far away so no one ever finds me!!
From Daddy Direction: Don't please!
To Daddy Direction: Why shouldn't I? I don't have a meaning to be with you guys!!
From Daddy Direction: Because I need you.
To Daddy Direction: I just need to leave I am sorry! Goodbye.
From Daddy Direction: PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!

After I didn''t awnswer I remember the hide out I made it has a bed and I have money to get food and I can get a job!

From Daddy Direction: Just promise me we will meet again.
To Daddy Direction: I promise.

The End





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