Same Mistakes *Finished*

18 year old Jackie is orignally from New Jersey, she moved to England about a year ago. She misses her friends and her twin sisters Mekayla and Allie. She moved down here because she was tired of being bossed around and bullied in school. Then she goes to a One Direction concert and somehow gets a backstage pass. Jackie and Zayn really hit it off but her mom was diagnosed with leukemia but she does not want to go what will happen to Zayn? What will happen to Jackie's mom. What will happen to Jackie? Find out in this suspenseful story. I hope you like it! And this is my first story!! (I would love to hear what you think).


1. One Direction?

**I forgot to say in this story none of the boys have girl friends**

Jackie's POV

Today I finally go to a One Direction concert!! Is this real? I am so excited! I pick out my Blue high heels and a short blue dress. I have tickets all the way in the back but who cares? I am going to a One Direction concert!!


One Hour Later

I got there and it was pouring! And I didn't have an umbrella! "Ugh!" I said to myself. Then I got to my seat and then the first song was "More Than This" Then a woman came up to me and said "Are you Jacquilyn Millson?" I said "Yes... Am I in trouble?" The woman said "NO!" She gave me a backstage pass. I said to myself "How?"

After The Concert

(Zayn's POV)

I hope Jacquilyn comes! Then I see a beautiful girl walk through. She had Blonde hair with highlights and her face it was "JACQUILYN!!" I said very loudly. I saw her blush, but she was also very confused. She asked "How do you know my name?" I said "I watch your Youtube videos!" Jacquilyn said "Can you please call me Jackie no one calls me Jacquilyn but my parents." I said "Ok!" I notice she is a very shy girl. She didn't seem like it on her videos. I asked "Where are youm from? You don't sound like your from around here." Jackie said "I'm from New Jersey, where the rest of my family lives." She seemed to get upset. "Are you ok?" I asked "Yea. I'm just home sick... I miss all of my family and friends and my school." I asked "Do you want to meet the guys?" Jackie finally seemed like herself on the videos. "HECK YES!!" I giggled. "Did I say that out loud?" She said embarassed. I said "Yep. Well lets go!!"

With The Guys

"Hey guys this is Jackie." I said. All of the guys screamed "HELLO!" Then we all bursted out laughing and Jackie seemed kinda like Louis they are both crazy both funny and both rediculous! I asked Jackie "Do you need a ride?" "No I will take a cab thats how I got here anyway!" I quickly said "Nonsence! Me and the guys will drive you!" Jackie said "Fine!" "Ok!"

The car ride was boring beside for when Jackie sang we all got quiet then we all sang along with her. "Wow...." I said I could't think of anything else to say I was so mesmerized. "What?" She said while blushing. "You... sing like an angel!" I said. Jackie said "Awe thanks!!" She said with a tear in here eye. "What's the matter?" I asked. She said "When you said that it reminded me of all the comments people made on youtube..." I said "I saw those, They are just low lives that can't see true beauty when its right in front of them. We were like an hour away from Jackie's house and she fell asleep on my shoulder. She looked so peacful. When we got to her house I carried her up to her room trying not to wake her up. She looks so beautiful.

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