Same Mistakes *Finished*

18 year old Jackie is orignally from New Jersey, she moved to England about a year ago. She misses her friends and her twin sisters Mekayla and Allie. She moved down here because she was tired of being bossed around and bullied in school. Then she goes to a One Direction concert and somehow gets a backstage pass. Jackie and Zayn really hit it off but her mom was diagnosed with leukemia but she does not want to go what will happen to Zayn? What will happen to Jackie's mom. What will happen to Jackie? Find out in this suspenseful story. I hope you like it! And this is my first story!! (I would love to hear what you think).


9. My "Family"

Jackie's POV

When we all got to the hospital Mom had a huge smile on her face!! I was so happy! She said "Who are these boys?" I said "This is Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry!" "Hello!" They all said. Mom said "Hello!" We kept talking and before we left we all took a picture together and I realized all of them are my family and I could not ask for a better one. No matter what. I was so happy!! I thought except when I got the call.
*Phone Convo*
Nurse: Is this Jackie, Mekayla or Allie?
Jackie: This is Jackie.
Nurse: I am your mothers nurse and I have to tell you something.
Jackie: What is it?
Nurse: Your mother she died.
Jackie: What????
Nurse: I am sorry for your loss.
Jackie: It's okay. 
Nurse: Your father is going to stay he said.
Jackie: Okay. Thank you.
Nurse: Your Welcome I am so sorry.
Jackie: It's okay.

Liam's POV

I hear Jackie say "It's okay." I get up and knock on Jackie's door. I hear a sad small voice say "Come in." "What is the matter?" I say as I sit on her bed you can see the tears in her Hazel eyes she said "Mom she...." I said "She died?" With a sad expression on my face. "Yes." she said with her hands covering her eyes. I have never seen her this sad!! "Shhhh. Don't cry please don't cry." Jackie started crying into my chest I didn't want her to cry but what else sould she do? I starting singing to her mostly I sang "Same Mistakes" Then she fell asleep at 5:00 am and I fell asleep with her. I woke up at like 12:00 pm and Jackie was still sound asleep. She was asleep until like 3:00pm she woke up crying. All the guys asked her what happened JAckie said "Mom died."

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