Does Love Last Long?

Meeting a famous boy band, that goes by the name, One Direction, in a pub isn't the best places to meet but hey, no ones complaining! Ally and the band become the closest of freinds while their on holiday but one boy wants more. Which boy is it? Would it be a summer romance or the start of something special? Read to find out!


3. Up all Night


We managed to get the boys home with the leprechaun tagging along behind us. He hadn't helped with taking care of the boys. At all. He was just munching on the crisps in his hand with a concentrated look on his face. To tell you the truth, he looked totally oblivious to the situation. I don't know how the hell they live together, seriously.

I helped Liam get the boys inside and in bed. Then both of us sank into the couch, exhausted at the weight of the boys. Thank god, the blondie went to sleep on his own because I certainly couldn't handle carrying anyone else to bed. Liam got up and made both of us coffee. The silence filled the room but it wasn't awkward silence. I looked up at his angel face as he handed me the mug.

It was good silence, like meant to be.


"So, tell me about yourself," I asked. I wanted to know more about her because the more I knew, the more she could trust me. 

"My life's a long story," She shrugged.

"I've got all night," I added," Could you start with your name ?"

"Ally, Ally Reeds." 

"I'm Liam, Liam Payne," I said, copying her. 

With that she started talking and when she started she couldn't stop. It was a conversation with sips of coffees, tears and happy memories. Lou interrupted us as he was going to the loo and said,

"What time did you guys start talking?" He asked.

"Around 3 in the night," We both answered, which kind of surprised me.

"Well if you two wouldn't mind, boy with headache would really like a coffee as well and it's morning so god knows what yous were really doing."

I blushed.

"Louis stop talking dirty! Especially sincewasn't the one talking about type of underwear I wanted to wear in the morning," I smirked as Louis went red.

Ally started giggling. Man, that laugh was so adorable.

I started to make Louis coffee when Niall walked in groaning.

"Make me a coffee as well mate, oh, and while your at it toss some pancakes over, thanks dude your a legend,"

Niall added, "Were you up all night talking to whoever she is ?" Gesturing to Ally.

I looked at her and smiled.

"I guess so." 

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