Does Love Last Long?

Meeting a famous boy band, that goes by the name, One Direction, in a pub isn't the best places to meet but hey, no ones complaining! Ally and the band become the closest of freinds while their on holiday but one boy wants more. Which boy is it? Would it be a summer romance or the start of something special? Read to find out!


1. Take me Home


Me and the boys came out of the studio, worn out and tired. Course, singing a bunch of songs for a rehearsal doesn't sound like much work but when you live with Louis, things can get a bit hectic, especially since he thinks he's Superman!

We were heading to the nearest pub because Harry and Zayn felt like having a beer or two which obviously meant Louis would be getting drunk tonight. As the car came to a halt, Louis rushed out and walked into the pub followed by Zayn and Harry,  then me and Niall.

When I walked in I scanned the room, I saw Louis, Zayn and Harry with already five drinks in front of them, Niall scoffing his face in with crisps and a beautiful girl that made me stop and stare. She was quietly crying into her drink, she must be really upset if a pretty girl like her was all alone, crying. Time to make my move and take her home...


"Whats up, love?" I turned around and looked up to a handsome face. "Why's a pretty girl like you crying?" Our eyes met and I quickly looked away before I could adapt feelings for him. I tried to ignore him after that but he wasn't giving up that easily.He kept pestering me with questions and trying to make a conversation, in the end I gave in.

"I've had many boyfriends before and they've all broken my heart but I thought this one was different and special, I thought he truly loved me. We were together for two months but then I caught him making out with my best friend today so here I am now, trying to mourn alone but apparently someones not letting me," I said through gritted teeth and tears.

"Oh, sorry," He apologized and looked down. He looked like he was sorry. He actually looked like he was sorry. I assured him that it was alright and we got talking.   



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