Does Love Last Long?

Meeting a famous boy band, that goes by the name, One Direction, in a pub isn't the best places to meet but hey, no ones complaining! Ally and the band become the closest of freinds while their on holiday but one boy wants more. Which boy is it? Would it be a summer romance or the start of something special? Read to find out!


2. Moments


She didn't look like she minded my company after a little while and we talked about all sorts of random stuff from what sports I play and specialize in to what she likes to wear. At this point Louis decided to come up to us all drunk in the night babbling on some nonsense, I turned to her and said," I guess I should be taking him home," hoping I didn't sound too disappointed.

To my surprise she laughed and said, "You sure you can handle three drunk guys?" I turned around and saw Harry and Zayn had joined Louis with babbling nonsense,  I groaned at the sight of them and she laughed again.

Man, that laugh. It was beautiful, like angels singing, beautiful angels singing with beautiful hair and... I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard her say,

"I could help you take them home if you want,"

"That really isn't necessary," I argued.

Niall suddenly butted in out of nowhere and said to me, " Liam, we need all the help we can get, you know how they get when they drink too much." That was true I did know how   they got when they got drunk and trust me it isn't a pretty sight.

So a few moments later, I found myself walking home with 3 drunk guys, an Irish boy stuffing his face in with food and a gorgeous girl that I couldn't help staring at from time to time. | knew it was wrong especially when she's still getting over a break-up but I couldn't help thinking  about what a great couple we would make. At this moment I knew I was falling for her. Hard.

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