one last wish

this is a twist on the fairytale cinderella!


1. one last wish


One Last Wish

If you could have anything what would you wish for?

 I know what I would wish for. I would wish for my dad to be happy.


Sometimes when things get tough we begin to lose faith to lose hope we start looking for an easy way out but sometimes that easy way out just isn’t meant to be.

Take my step- mum for example. Her easy way out was to leave us abandon us just 1 month after the shocking news of Dads Leukaemia hit us all. I couldn’t escape I couldn’t leave dad. Mum took my step-sisters with her she said they were, “Too young to understand and that this was the best way.” I couldn’t see how. They were only 1 or 2 years younger than me. Mum said that I could come too but I was dad’s daughter not hers. So now I’m left struggling to pick up the pieces without anywhere to turn. There is no easy way out for me. We haven’t heard from my step- mum or my step-sisters since.


I visit my dad all the time. I go to see him every day after school.

That day was no different, I reached Dad’s room in the hospital and leant over and gave him a kiss. His Leukaemia has seriously affected both of our lives but I know I need to keep strong for him so I reach into my school bag and pull out a picture it’s of me and my friend Kaitlin were smiling in the playground. Dad takes it and says, “You look beautiful Aurelia. When did you take it?”

Time passes quite quickly Dad asking me about my day etc. And before I know it one of the nurses pops her head round the door and says, “Sorry, visiting hours finished half an hour ago sweetie.” Dad points to his cheek and I kiss him lightly. “See you tomorrow Aurelia.” I reach for my bag and turn as I walk out the door, “Love you Dad” I say.

Joyce my care worker gives me a lift back to the care home. It’s nice there but I have no real friends. I’m often at the hospital with my dad so to be fair it’s sort of my fault.


I wake up at about 2o’clock because I hear voices. I tiptoe out onto the landing and go to find out what is happening.


That’s when it hits me. Dad has taken a turn for the worse. They have had to take him into intensive care. I knew this day was coming but it seems way too soon. I struggle into my clothes and Joyce gives me a lift to the hospital. I run in desperate to see my Dad.

The doctor comes over and leads me into intensive care. I see my dad, he looks weaker than ever. I hug him whilst he strokes my hair softly. “It will be okay in the end” he whispers into my ear. We lay there me clinging to my Dad not wanting to let go.

Dad went through his life. Told me what he’d loved and what he’d hated. What he would do differently if he had another chance. He told me of how he had had to come to terms with the harsh reality of his death. But how now looking back he knows that when he dies he’ll be happy. That no matter what happens we’ve got to make the most of life. He taught me that although this life might bring us tears and pain we’ve got to keep living, keep going and most of all keep on loving.

My story doesn’t end happily ever after. But in a way my wish was granted, my Dad was happy. And just like the last piece in the puzzle fits perfectly the last piece in my story in a funny sort of way seemed to be just right.

There was no miracle cure.

My Dad died that night.

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