Never Forgotten

a story i wrote for a 500 word competition hence the format etc.!!


1. never forgotten


Our baguettes and other picnic things bundled in the boot we were looking for a place to stop for lunch. It was the third day of our holiday and was another obstinately hot day. The forest offered us coolness and shade, cascading streams and grassy clearings. I looking out the open window and could smell balmy grass and the resinous relish of pine. We came across a grassy verge which was shaded by two hefty oak trees swaying in the cool and gentle breeze. We got out of the car and began to unload the food from the car.

“We can’t eat here” groaned Calla, presumably having yet another whine, she had been moaning ever since we had got here that her room was too small that she couldn’t share with me the list was endless. “I mean look at all the mud,” she winced as if in pain. I blissfully glided over and flung myself down the picnic basket in tow.


“How’s it going Pansy” mum called.                                                                                                                                                                                          “Almost done thanks,” I called back optimistically.                                                                                                                “At least someone is being positive,” Mum affirmed as Calla walked through the door groaning because she didn’t want me to move into her room.

Auntie Sarah arrived later that afternoon with her eight bags in total! “Hey Emmy! Oh how I’ve missed you sis Thanks for letting me stay!” Sadie was an eccentric woman who wore immensely vivid clothing, she had insisted that Calla and I were to call her; “Sadie” Calla had fallen instantaneously in love. I however had reserved feelings, and kept my distance.

We were sat at dinner that night when Sarah dropped the bombshell dad had served us all up a supper of Macaroni cheese. We were sat enjoying our meals when Sarah suddenly began, “You know Emmy the last time I saw you I was fifteen and you just seventeen.” Mum stopped her abruptly dropping her fork with a clatter,                                                                                                         

 “That was a long time ago, how are you Sadie.”                                                                                                                                                          “I assume Charlie is at camp or something?” Sadie continued.                                                                                        “Charlie? Who's Charlie?” dad asked.                                                                                                                       Sadie gasped, “You didn’t tell him did you?”

I hid in Callas room trying to escape the clamour of shouting from below. I could hardly believe it myself, I had a brother. Nothing could calm dad down; he was storming and raging like a rhino that hadn’t been fed. But before long I was yawning and drifted peacefully off to sleep above all the calamity below.


“Hey” Charlie exclaimed, “Wait for us you greedy pig!  I obviously need to hide my food from now on!” The grassy verge was a perfect, spot for that picnic, and the two oak trees gave us just enough shade from the dazzling light of the sun beaming down on us. We sat together and I thought about how even dad was happy now. Yes mum had a baby no one else knew about but people make mistakes and dad could see why mum hadn’t told him.

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