Alex's Poem.

I wrote this poem from the point of view of Alex. Alex is Autistic and can not write poems.
I know that this poem seems really disjointed and ineloquent, and not very poetic, but that is the point.
The poem is a metaphor for how Autistic people fit into social structures- they can try, and seem to fit in on a superficial level, but the Autistic mind and the Allistic mind are inherently different, and that can't change. I try to show this with how Alex's Poem looks like a standard poem, and follows the structural rules, but doesn't read like a standard poem at all.

I hope you feel that it is well placed and interesting. If you find my interpretation of Autism to be either offensive or wrong, please let me know, and I will either edit the poem to your approval, or remove it altogether.
Love Katface ^__^


1. Alex's Poem


  My name is Alex and,
  I can not write poems.   
They are stupid. Jack says, 
That I should not say this,
To people who write po,
Ems. I have never met,
Somebody who writes po,
Ems, so it has not come,
Up. But If I did, I would,
Tell them that poems are,
Stupid, because it is,
True, and I do not say,
Things that are not true. Jack,
Is my helper at school. 


He looks after me and,
Gives me special atten,
Tion because I am Aut,
Istic and that means that,
School is very diffi,
Cult and so they send Jack,
To stop me from getting,
Upset or hurting my,
Self or other people,
And also to help me,
When I have to do stu,
Pid things like poems and,
I get cross. This is sup,
Posed to be a poem, 
But it's not one yet. Jack,
Says we will break it up,
Into lines and stanzas,
When I am finished. Each,
Line will have six sylla,
Bles. I will only make,
Stanzas when one of my,
Full stops coincides with,
The end of a line. This,
Is so that it will at,
Least look a bit like what,
Everybody else has,
Written. It will not work.  


I am not good at Eng,
Lish because I think that,
The rules are confusing.   
Things like semi colons,
Are silly but you have,
To put them in because,
Otherwise you can not,
Do well. But in real life,
Nobody uses them. 


When they are talking they,
Do not pause, and say "Se,
Mi colon!" so semi,
Colons are not a proper,
Part of the English lang,
Uage. My work is not ev,
Er  like other people's,
Work. I write like a se,
Ven year old does because,
What a seven year old,
Does is logical. Se,
Ven year olds write things that,
Are straightforward and sim,
Ple because they have not,
Learned yet about things like,
Metaphors and they don't,
Know how to be artist,
Ic or poetic yet. 


I wish that I was a,
Seven year old so peo,
Ple would not expect me,
To write proper poems.   


I can not write poems.   


Everybody else can,
And it is not fair.

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