Hi, I am Chantel. I am and average 18 year old, except I am having an arranged marriage... with Harry Styles



2. hmmmph

I huffed before slowly making my way to my bed room. My jaw clenched and slowly made my way to my room. My hands turned the knob and my body flopped onto my bed. Me? Being a wife? Please. I played with my dip dyed hair, a small burp squeezing through my lips.


"Wow, thats disgusting." I mumbled to myself with a soft smile.


I heard a knock at my door and groaned.


"Go the hell away before I smush your fa-"


"Woah princess, what did I ever do to you?"


I looked up and gasped, slightly falling off my bed.




I heard the strange man chuckle, before taking a few steps towards my fallen body.


"Why, I am your fiance."


My eyes darted up, probably piercing like daggers. If only looks could kill.


"Be ready for the worst wife a man could have." I stated winking.

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