Hi, I am Chantel. I am and average 18 year old, except I am having an arranged marriage... with Harry Styles



1. Silence.

I came home and put my bag on the floor.


"Dad... mum." I said as I gave them a slight smile.


"Hello love, you might want to wash up... we have some...erm... news." I nodded.


The last time I heard that was when my mum was pregnant five years ago... uh oh. I walked up to my room, and set out some cute clothes. I went and took a quick shower and changed before going downstairs. My parents sat on the couch, motionless. I sat on the couch next to them.


"So..." I slurred.


My mum sat up and walked infront of  me.


"Love, you know we want the best for you... right?" I cleared my throat.


That was a hard question... ya know. She slightly smiled.


"Well... love your father and I have arranged... a husband for you." My world stopped.


"Nice try!" I said patting my dad's head.


He sat there as he put his head in his hands. "Th-this isn't a joke?" I asked as I shot up form my warm spot on the couch.


My mum shook her head.


"He is coming tonight." She stated with no emotion.


"You really think I am going to go along with this? No! I will make sure that this guy has no part in my life!"

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