1. Fish.

Hi I am Fish. How are you?

                                See Fish was a lonely child.

                                                                 No one liked or cared for him.

                                                                                                 Everyone ignored him.

                                                                                                           Until one day he started killing bullies.

                                                                                         Then Fish was known.

                                                                                Fish scared everyone.

So, being Fish, he told everyone he had actually just hidden the people in his basement.

                                                                   Fish went to court.

                                                          Fish was tried.

                                                 Fish got mad.

                                                              Then he was innocent.

                                                                                    Everyone knew Fish.

                                                                                                                 They loved him.

                                                                                            But then Fish got mad.

                                                                                   And sad.

                                                   So he ran away and hid.

Now Fish is the crazy old guy that lives in the creepy house, kids dare other kids to knock on the door of.

                                                                      Fish is old.

                                                                      Fish is grey.

                                                                 Fish won't look the other way.

                                                             He'll hunt you down.

                                                              Take you away.

                                                               Make you want to fade away.

                                                           Then he'll save you.

                                                        Then he'll kill you.

                                   Fish's Moral is: Don't ruin a person's life, they won't take yours.


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