The Audience

This is a short story about a band about to play. Hope you like it! Evansecence is my fave band and this is one of my fave songs by them! The character I am writing about is not Amy Lee, but a made up lead singer.


1. Concert

"And now, get ready for Evanescence!!"

I hear the blazing crowd, screaming, chanting, shrieking. I step out on to the stage. Endless cries of 'It's her, it's her!', 'I love you!!' and 'Evanescence rule!'. I take my place behind the mike, holding it until my knuckles turn a bright white. I open my mouth, breathing heavily, my eyes closed, blackness clouding my eyes. The music starts, the crowd fall silent, I start to sing...

"Come on, Katherine, sing along with the piano." My mother, playing the piano, trying to get me to sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' is angry at me that I won't sing. "You have a good voice, Katherine, let it out," she always tells me. My eyes brim with tears as I run out of the room.

"So you can sing, Titch? Let us hear it," the school bullies taunt. "No!" I try to run away, but they grab my arms and hold them behind my back. "So you can't sing then. We wanted to hear a good song, but seeing as you can't sing we'll have to teach you a lesson about bragging." They beat me up. I didn't brag, it was my Mum, she was telling everyone she knew that I had a wonderful singing voice, and that I sing all the time. I don't. My Mum just desperately wanted to show me off. That news must have fallen on one of the bullies' parents' ears. So she thought lying was the key.

That brief flashback stops me. The music pauses, the band wondering why I hadn't started. I turn around to the band and nod, which was a sign to say I just had a false start, just start again. I turn back to the mike, where I see the audience, with faces of confusion, people whispering to their friends, and people threatning to leave, if I didn't even start. The lights glared at me, showing my face to -some doubtful, wondering if I would even sing - fans.

I opn my mouth and sing...

'How can you see into my eyes, like open doors?' The guitar chord, then my next line...

'Leading you down into my core, where I've become so numb...' the guitar chord, then the song goes into the next bit. I open my eyes and see the crowd chanting, clapping, and screeching, now dancing along to my voice with the greatest band ever.

'Without a soul, my spirits sleeping somewhere cold, until you find it there and lead it back....home.'

 Before I started the chorus, I felt this giant surge inside my chest that grew and grew until it turned into an amazing singing voice that came from deep within. 

'Wake me up inside...' fans calling and calling my name. My voice that had started as a whisper grew and grew, my vocals booming out of the speakers. I let myself go free and wild, I take the mike off the stand and hold it in my hand, start walking around the stage. My hair was in a long ponytail, but then I took it out of its band, and shook it around my head. I felt free, I felt like I was showing everyone who doubted me that I proved them wrong.

'Bring me to life.......' The song came to an end. I breathed heavily. As I listen to the cheer of the crowd, letting it overflow my ears, I feel strong, I feel big, I feel like the best person in the world. And most of all, I feel alive, for the first time in my life.

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