Love's war


1. love's war

You lower your  head and avert your face as

you rush past. Am I that frightful? I didn’t ask

for these war wounds and battle scars, I was

given them. They say love is a war and I must

admit I believe it now. I was in love once;

fought the battles gained the wounds but I lost

 the war. And now

                                                I am scarred. You run

Past scared to admit the truth. You want to

 believe lovers can call a cease fire but you

are wrong. I bled, I cried and I died a little

each time I lost a battle in that war you call

love. I know the pain that comes as they tear

you to pieces the ones you thought you loved.

But guess what. That is the nature of war. I

Thought myself in love once

                                                                My love was

betrayed. Now I sit here a perfect shell with

heart so scarred they run into one another .

the wounds have healed but the scars won’t

fade. Love is war and every war has lists of


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