chained angle

this is a poem about a trapped angle remembering how it used to be.
i wrote this for the poetry contest - sorry if theirs any mistakes xxxxxx


1. chained angel

i remember a time when i was free,

a time when i could just be me,

a time when witches roamed the streets,

now tied to a chair ,thrown in the sea,

yet it failed there burned at stake ,

but only i know they've escaped,


off they go a better place,

somewhere different somewhere safe,

no not death another life,

no hurt,no pain,no sacrifice,



chained to these dark stone walls,

purgatory is my destined call,

shouldn't an angle just like me,

allowed to spread her wings-be free,

all i have one shallow room,and a big enough window to remind me of all my gloom,


i remember a time when i was free,

i time when i could just be me...

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