a life not so complicated

Alexandra Oak-Wood just moved for Hawaii after her mother's death. She never thought about love, but when she met Jason at the first time, all the things about her heart change.


1. Bye, mom

I held her hand, it was cold when touched in my hand. She smiled a little sad, she knew how long was that week without her hugs, kisses and jokes. My dad, Louis was behind me, holding my coat while I was crying with her. We were having a fewer minutes with her, she was alive, like ten days ago, before that horrible accident. I fell on the floor, my knees on the cold part of that hall.

" See you tomorrow, mom, it's a promess." I said kissing her cheek. "Let's go, Alex." My dad said holding my hand. "Bye, sweetheart." My mom said touching un my face.

We walked around, on the central park. My dad wasn't so happy like I was, firtly I was talking with my best friend, Sasha. Louis took off his cell phone and called for my grandmother. I listened to everything they were talking about, my mom, new life, she didn't have time... 

A week after, my mom went into a coma, what lasted about three more weeks. The doctors talked to my dad, he understood that situation and go away, the doctors turned off that machine what made my mom breath and finally, she was dead.

I held her hand next to my heart and said forher: "Bye, mom."


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