the woods

another poem :D check out my others if you havent already :D sorry for mistakes and advice welcome :D


1. The woods


                                                    Hiding In The Woods

I find that I begin to run,

So its not long 'til I can't see the Sun.

I knew it was a fight that I could not of won,

But either way the feeling of my heart racing is kind of fun.

Now as my feet heavily thud,

While I run through this creepy wood,

With these salty tears dripping into the mud,

I realise my actions haven't been that good.

It's only now that I realise how much my head is sore,

From where a punch to the head put me to the floor,

And its now that the real tears begin to pour,

soaking my clothes that I've only once wore,

And now the cold creeps in to my very core.

I hear the crunch of a leaf under foot,

As blood begins to seep from my deep cut,

And a strange feeling grows in my gut,

But I don't want to be discovered looking like a mutt.

I look for a place they won't be able to see,

So I decide to scale a small looking tree,

At the top I sit down awkwardly,

Underneath me my mum appears and shouts 'where are you sweet pea?'

it's strange hearing my mum speak so desperately,

But before I realise it, I’m falling free,

And it feels like swimming in the sea,

Until my mum's arms luckily catch me,

And I know this is exactly where I want to be.



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