What can happen in 10 days?

When Sally's 10 day holliday comes she starts to make plans. But will all her plans start challenging her to give some up?


1. Wednesday

"I can't wait till next week!"

"Me niether! What are you going to do?" I was sitting in form chatting to Izzie, who isn't really my friend but I sit next to her in form. We were talking about holidays which is persisley 10 days. I never thought what I was going to do because I usually go on holiday with my mum, but this year we bought a new house and we are saving money to decorate.

"I'm seing my friends and going to cornwall for two days. We have a cottage there."

"That sounds great! I've always wanted to go there!"

"Oh really? I know a great hotel there. Theres an amazing beach to! You should go somtime!"

"Yeah maybe I'll ask my mum. Just not yet because we just moved houses and we want to decorate!"

"Ooohhh! I love decorating! How are you doing your room?"

I grinned, I really wanted to tell someone about my room. But I haven't had a chance. We've been on our residental so we have been busy climbing mountines and floating, well falling out of boats. Don't laugh. It wasnt my fault! This boy pushed me out.

"I was thinking of doing it red on one wall and have loads of doodles and posters on the other walls which will be white. I'm going to get lots of new furniture to so I'll get some decorations to hang up."

"Nice. I like it!"

I was begining to really like her. She was being so nice and I could talk to her so easily!

"Thanks! "

"Alright class" the teacher interupted. She started to talk about a hole load of boring stuff as usual. I started thinkin about what I wanted to do over the holiday. I think this time I should organise lots of things. I could go to the Alton Towers, The biggest water slides england, shopping and Emma's birthday is on monday so maybe she'll have a party.. Just then the teacher interupted again and suddenly shouted "Sally! How about you tell us." I looked around. Everyone was staring. This was going to be a long lesson.


At lunch I grabbed my sandwich with Lily and Emma and we discussed our holidays. I told them about my chat with Izzie.

"Hey can we go to the theme park? All three of us? I love theme parks!"

"Yeah! But can we go to the water park to?"

"Yes of coarse! Thats gonna be great! What days are you free?" I asked.

"All holiday!"

"Yeah me to." Brilliant! I thought. now I can see them whenever in the holidays!

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