About a friendship that will never die.


1. Legacy

Sitting in the lush green field, i knew i would never forget this moment. With the sun beaming down on us, rays bouncing with glee off the hillside, Lucy and i made our last daisy chain. Little school girls always dream about braiding each-others hair and making daisy crowns and other accessories, but this was more than just a fantasy. It was special. I knew it.

 It was as if i knew this moment was important, that it would mean so much to me in the years to come. My last memory of Lucy and i, and the many happy minutes we had together, was drawing to a close. Even though her head was bald, even though her face was bruised, even though she had been through so much chemotherapy, i thought i could hold onto her....just for one more day. One more day is all i ever wanted. I always took her for granted; never wandered what might happen to me if she was gone.

But now i know why that moment was special. It was because Lucy was special. I never take anything for granted now, i always love every minute of every day, because i know how lucky i am that i wasn't in her place. Her legacy has helped me see that. She was so brave. But i am brave too.

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