Dance In The Rain

Zoey is a typical 16 year old girl who is moving but when she boards the plane will she survive to see it land?


2. Stepping Stones

"Good-bye Brielle I'll never forget you, call me as soon as you get off the plane! I want to hear all about where your going to live. I want to hear everything!" My friend Autum jabbered on I rolled my eyes and switched my phone to my other ear.

"Hey I have to go were about to board the plane! Talk to you later!" I replied into the phone. We said our good-bye's and hung up. I boarded the big Frontier plane with a shaky breath. I was alone now my parents had told me good-bye and walked away i watched them until their bodies dissapeared into the crowd.

"Ticket?" Asked a man with blonde hair and a blue suit.

"Here." I shoved the ticket towards him and quickly walked into the tube-like walkway. I rounded the coner and my eyes stung I quickly looked towards the carpet and boarded the plane. Oh Great. I sighed I was next to a woman who looked about 68 and was soon snoring loud as ever. I leaned back as much as could in the small blue airplane seat and looked up at the TV playing 'Ridiculousness'. I slowly put on the gray headphones and stared blankly at the Tv. Once the seatbelt sign had turned off I stood up and yawned and walked up and down one aisle and sat back down. I began thinking about Jaycee, we hadn't broken up but having a long distance relationship was going to be hard. I thought back to our conversation before I had left.

"Gabi I love you, remember that, don't forget me! I'll fly out there for Christmas and anytime I have freetime. I'd walk to you if I had no other way. Don't worry about the distance if you need me just call me I'll be there." He had sputtered fast because I had to leave.

"Sam, Don't forget me, I love you!" I said as my mom pulled me away.

"It's just a stepping stone in your life! You'll be ok! I'll see you soon! I love you!!" he had screamed after me. I looked down at the floor of the plane and felt my eyes sting and a hot tear escape my eye I let my straight dyed brown hair fall around my face gently.

"Excuse me Miss. Are you Gabrielle Douglas?" asked a small voice next to me. I slowly looked up mascara running down my cheeks. It was a little boy with black hair.

"Yeah...How do you know my name?" I asked trying to keep calm. He stood there he was about 4 ft tall. He picked up his tablet and showed me a youtube video that I had posted a long time ago of me singing Flowers of The Field by Sky Sailing. I had forgotten I'd posted that in fact I had posted a lot of covers but even more original songs I had wrote. I never thought people would acctualy watch them i only had like 3 subscribers.

"Can I have your autograph? You are an awesome singer!" He asked in a adorable little kid voice. He handed me a small peice of paper and a black ball point pen, I signed it. I swear I am going to die of embarasment I wasn't even good in that video! I just want cry! There was no sound from anyone at first I stood up and went to the small airplane bathroom and wiped off all of the smudged mascara on my face. As I walked out everyone was staring at me i felt my face get hot, it was like I had just done something extremly embarassing. I turned around and ran back into the small plastic bathroom I waited in there until I heard a knock on the dor. I left the small room and no one seemed to even notice me. Am I going insane?! I slowly sat back down and put my seatbelt back on, I felt the stares come back, one by one, eye by eye. What the heck! I buried my face in my jacket and pretended not to hear the whispering but after a while I wanted to hear what they were saying.

"Thats Gabrielle! Ew! Look at her bangs!" one whispered. I looked up to see which one had whispered it It was a Blonde with a super short skirt and curly har and the tallest stilettos I had ever seen. I put my head back in my hands. Am I even going to live through this plane ride? let alone L.A! I thought to myself. The blonde aproached me.

"Hi! I'm Brooke! Cute hair by the way! I love the jacket too!" She said gleefully.

"I just heard you say you hated my hair." I retorted. I raised my head and looked her straight in her small blue eyes. wait. I recognized that face! That was the girl on the cover of 'People'. Well she's stuck up. I lowerd my eyes and my head and waited for the plane to land.

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