one tear leads to anouther

Diana styles is obviously harrys sister but is madly in love with liam! She knows she cant be with him but just wont hold back in temptation. she makes a move and has made a serious mistake that she has to pay for


3. Revenge

That night, when everyone was asleep I creeped out of my room, down the hall and into ash and Liam's room. I walked up to her, softly grabbed her ponytail and cut it all off! Then i made a stubble with her hair designed it with super glue and stuck it down on her face! I went back to bed after and dozed off.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I heared a scream coming from the bathroom. I led there and laughed, but everyone else went on in to see her. Harry came in at that point. "Di im sick of this. Ever since you met Ash all you've done is annoy her and it is not funny!" My face dropped. "I don't care Harry. Ash told me to stay away from Liam and I hated it. I'm gonna leave tomorrow it just seems like i'm not welcome here." he rolled his eyes and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Liam walked in a while after, "Here to give me more grief are you?" I murmured looking out the window. "No. I spoke to Harry and he told me what you said, so I told Ash to leave. I'm dissapointed Di, but i won't let you go!" My head slowly turned and moved it slowly towards his mouth! I couldn't resist. I kissed him there and then, but he pushed me away. He looked at me in horror and left. I had a text from Ash saying 'Your a fool. I will be back. Just leave today and never kiss Liam again! Ash.' How did she know about that kiss? I looked out my window, nothing. What did she mean by 'I will be back?' It scared me. I didn't get out of bed for the whole day knowing she was watching me. I needed to leave quick! 

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