one tear leads to anouther

Diana styles is obviously harrys sister but is madly in love with liam! She knows she cant be with him but just wont hold back in temptation. she makes a move and has made a serious mistake that she has to pay for


1. nice to meet you

"Honney, i think you should go, you might like them. Harry, get Diana her bags please!" O how my mother wanted me to go with harry to meet his stupid band that i didnt like because i spoke to them over the phone and they had such a blank personality. Why should i anywhay, im 23, older than harry and 13 years younger than my mum, i can make my own decisions! But harry's puppy eyed faace always made me give in. "Fine but only for a week, i dont really wanna go anywhay!" 

We got in the van the next day and set off. I suppose really, deep deep down (in a unknown place) i was looking foward to it. We pulled up to there holiday home and stepped in. It was huge, like a castle! All the boys were sat in the living room but liam was in the loo! "Diana, so happy to meet you, i'm Zayn and this is the boys!" They all waved, shook my hand and said hello. They were a lot nicer than i thought they would be and it was lovely to meet them. Then suddenly, the fittest man ever walked in. It was Liam. I sighed and went into my own little world where the church bells rang and me and Liam were getting married! Unfortunately, Harry slapped me and all the boys were sat there giggling away and i went bright red! "Hi," Liam laughed "I'm Liam, you must be diana?" He had a sweet manly voice that i loved! "Well it's getting late Di, i'll take you to your room" Said Harry with a big smirk on his face. We went upstairs and as soon as my head touched the pillow i fell asleep.

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